List of 3 European Micro-Living Real Estate Investors

List of 3 European Microliving Real Estate Investors

This article includes three European micro-living real estate investors that can be found on our database of the largest residential real estate investors in Europe. The list includes institutional investors, project developers, real estate firms, pension funds, and REITs that actively pursue residential real estate ventures across Europe

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Micro-living has become an attractive real estate class as it provides a housing solution for students, young professionals, co-living and those who require assisted living. As a result, the market has developed from what was once a niche market into an independent asset class which has attracted an increasing number of investors. This article includes three firms that actively seek investments in the micro-living market.

1) Union Investment Real Estate GmbH (Hamburg, Germany)

Union Investment Real Estate is a subsidiary of the German investment group. The group is a forward-thinking firm that offers over 66 years of experience. To date, Union Investment currently has €58bn of assets under management in its real estate funds, specialized funds, and pooling mandates. In the real estate market, the firm has experience investing in office, retail, hotel, logistical and residential centers. Its portfolio consists of 500 commercial properties which are dispersed across 26 countries. Despite a decline in growth due to the covid-19 pandemic, Union Investment remains committed to investing in micro-living real estate ventures. Its main areas of focus for micro-living investments include Austria, Netherlands, France, and Ireland. The German-based group launched its own specialized fund for micro-living, named Urban Living Nr.1 which has acquired projects in Austria and Berlin with a focus on students and co-living tenants.

2) La Francaise (Paris, France)

Headquartered in France, La Francaise operates across Europe with offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Luxembourg, and Madrid. The investment group has over 40 years of experience providing investment solutions for third parties. The firm is divided into two main branches: financial and real estate assets. The real estate division has over €32bn of assets under management serving both retail and institutional investors. In September 2021, La Francaise acquired its first micro-living asset in Hamburg. The re-developed office building provided the opportunity for the firm to diversify its real estate portfolio which also fits its Environmental, Social & Governance criteria.

3) 777 Capital Partners (Baar, Switzerland)

777 Capital is a Swiss independent private equity real estate investment group. The firm seeks assets that provide value due to market dislocations with identifiable and correctable impairments. Therefore, it is no surprise to see the group active in the micro-living market. Potential investments must meet their outlined key factors and acquisition profile.

Picture source: Mark Stuckey (28.04.2023)

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