List of the 100 largest top-management consultants Germany

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Contains the 100 largest strategy consultancies in Germany

Excellent depth of detail: focus, ranking and contact details, Easy entry thanks to ranking from A to E according to size and relevance

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Download the list of the 100 largest top-management consultants Germany immediately as a clear Excel file

The exclusive sector of top management consultancies plays a decisive role in the economy. Many large companies and corporations regularly rely on McKinsey and Co. to formulate forward-looking strategies and rely on experienced consultants when it comes to transformation and restructuring. We have compiled a comprehensive database of German management consultancies and make it available in the list of the largest strategy consultancies in Germany. The overview is available for download directly as an Excel file and can be sorted, filtered and edited according to your wishes and requirements. The list includes the large, well-known top management consultancies, leading consulting firms from Germany as well as smaller strategy boutiques that focus on specific sectors or functions. Using a ranking, the consultants can be easily sorted by size and relevance.

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Locations of the largest management consultants

Strategy consultancies are almost exclusively located in larger cities such as Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Cologne. This is not surprising since strategy consultancies are located where economic performance is high.


Strategy, growth, innovation management, restructuring and more: the world of top consulting firms

The most important strategy consultancies in Germany cover a whole range of services (see below). All firms have one thing in common: they are involved in groundbreaking decisions and work with the top management of important companies and corporate groups. Since the implications of the recommendations can be extremely large, the consultants are expected to have absolute expert knowledge and experience. For this reason, German strategy consultants are among the absolute best experts in the German economy. Many partners and senior consultants have many years of relevant professional experience and most of the top consultants have considerable education. It is fitting that many board members and managing directors of large companies started their careers at McKinsey, BCG, Bain and Co.

Included information in the list of the most important management consultancies Germany

  • Contact information (name, address, email address, telephone etc.)
  • Focus and range of services (strategy, digital transformation, restructuring, etc.)
  • Ranking by size, relevance and experience (from A to E)

Overview of services and performance of the most important German management consultancies

The list of the largest strategy consultancies in Germany includes a column with the focus or range of services. The information in this category makes it easy to find out the differences between the consulting firms and to categorise them according to specialisation. The services include purely strategic tasks such as corporate development, business development and top-line transformation. But more specific topics such as marketing and sales strategy, organisational development or process optimisation are also part of the range of services. In addition, more and more top management consultancies provide support in the area of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and post-merger integration (PMI). The full range of services offered and focus areas can be found in our database.

The largest strategy consultancies in Germany with expertise in digitisation and digital transformation

Hardly any development has shaped the economy in recent years as much as digitalisation. Topics such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, big data, e-commerce and the like not only occupy start-ups and small businesses, but also pose new challenges for corporations and medium-sized companies. For this reason, almost all of the most important strategy consultancies in Germany are also active in the area of digital transformation. The competences of the consulting firms differ greatly and clients should keep a close eye on the skills of the consultants. Because digital transformation is often more than “just” a strategy paper.

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