List of the 500 largest PV installers in Germany [2022]

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The list contains PV installers who actively install photovoltaic systems in Germany. Contains installers for private individuals as well as industrial and solar park installers.

Excellent level of detail: area of activity, top installer category, contact details, management, etc.

Last updated: December 2nd, 2022. Free preview available on request via contact [at] or via live chat.

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photovoltaic installation companies in germany

List of 5 large PV Installers in Germany

To present our unique list of major PV installers, we report in detail on five of the installers from our list below.

1. STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH (Würzburg)

SENS – in detail: STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH – is one of the leading installers and construction companies for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. In addition, the Würzburg-based company also offers maintenance and operational management services for PV parks. The company has installed over 8000 systems in more than 40 countries. One exemplary installation is a solar park in Xanten with over 10,000 solar modules and a peak output of 4.35MW. This was completed in 2022.

2. Goldbeck Solar GmbH (Hirschberg an der Bergstraße)

Another top PV installer in Germany is Goldbeck Solar. The company was founded in 2001; it entered the Spanish market in 2008. Since 2019, the first plants in the largescale segment have been realized. In 2020, PV systems with a capacity of over 96MWp were installed in Germany.

3. ESS Kempfle GmbH (Leipheim)

ESS Kempfle is a rather regional photovoltaic company from Swabia. This was founded in 2009. The focus is on residential and commercial installations, as well as storage systems, solar water heating and infrared heating. The company has already implemented over 4,000 solar systems and is a good example of the numerous regionally active installers in our list.

4. SOLprime Power Systems GmbH (Kiel)

The Kiel-based solar company SOLprime was founded in 2010 and implements both ground-mounted systems around the world and rooftop systems for private homes. In the ground-mounted sector, more than 500MWp of plants have already been realized. A reference plant of the company is about an 11 MWp plant in Bowerhouse, UK, which was completed in 2015.

5. Bauer Energietechnik e.K. (Ingolstadt)

Another leading regional PV company from our list is Bauer Energietechnik from Ingolstadt, Germany. The company has been on the market for more than 35 years; during this time, its 15 employees have already implemented more than 4,000 PV systems. The focus is on both private and industrial installations.

Picture source: Raphael Cruz, 12.07.2022

Methodology of the list creation

To compile our photovoltaic list, our research team conducted a detailed analysis of the German solar industry. For this purpose, the top rated and most relevant PV installers were identified in each major German city. The entries were primarily based on the number of installed systems and customer ratings. In addition, installers of ground-mounted systems and solar parks were identified with particular focus. These were also immediately classified as “top installers”. In addition to major cities, regional areas were also searched for the leading installers.

Since numerous installers also have websites that appear to be outdated at first glance, our team additionally called such entries and inquired about their current business activities.

Note: Despite our intensive research and detailed analysis, it is always possible that additional PV installers would have to be included based on installed capacity. For this reason, we are constantly updating the list and look forward to your input at kontakt [at]

Included information

The following data points are included in the list:

  • Address data (company name, postal code, address, state, city)
  • Contact information (general phone number, e-mail address)
  • Executives
  • Additional focus (heat pumps, solar thermal)
  • Top installer classification (e.g. for realization of solar parks and ground-mounted systems)
  • Germany-wide activity?


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