List of 150 Largest Real Estate Investors in Benelux

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  • Listing of investors who actively invest (residential, office, retail, hotel, logistics, care, etc.)
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Our real estate investors list is part of the comprehensive list of the largest real estate investors in Europe.

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Real Estate Investors Germany Data

Benelux Real Estate Market: Highly Promising

The Benelux Union was formed in 1944 and describes a Union between the neighbour states Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Today, Benelux is more commonly known for the geographical, economical und cultural grouping of named countries. The Benelux are an economicly important region which is characterised by their high population density as well as their dynamic economic system. Even though the Benelux states only account for roughly 5.5% of the European Population, their contribution to the joint EU GDP is nearly 8%. This strong economic makes the Benelux an investment friendly environment: The Benelux accounted for 7.8% of all European investment volumes. Investments in office real estate are particularly promising, as the Benelux is expected to see overproportional growth in office-based work – 50% of investments in 2018 were in office real estate.

Contact Database of the Most Important Real Estate Investors in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg for Lead Generation

Research Germany provides the most comprehensive database of Benelux real estate investors. Our overview is perfect for all players in the real estate industry who are looking for the right buyer for properties of different types. We have already helped numerous brokers, project developers, co-investors, consultants, developers and asset managers to acquire customers and partners in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The contact database can be easily ordered via our online shop and is provided directly as a clearly arranged Excel file for download. Our well-researched list of the largest real estate investors in Benelux is guaranteed to include companies that you do not yet have in your address database. The listed real estate buyers come partly from Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg and partly from abroad.

Excel File of the Top Real Estate Investors in Benelux: Contact Details, Company Information, Investment Focus

  • Company data of real estate investors in Benelux (name incl. legal form, registered office of the company or holding)
  • Contact information (postal address, e-mail, telephone, list of directors)
  • Information on the investment focus (asset classes – residential, office, retail, logistics, light industrial, hotel, care, ranking by importance and size from A to E, assets under management (AuM) or investment volume, geographical focus of investments)

Buyers of all Asset Classes in Benelux: Residential Property, Office, Retail, Logistics, Care, Hotels and Holiday Properties

The real estate market can be divided into different asset classes, which are characterised by very different structures and characteristics. The team of Research Germany knows that specialized investors operate in the individual segments. To help you easily identify the right real estate buyer for your project, our overview contains several columns that show all relevant asset classes. With just one click you can filter by investment companies that invest in residential real estate, office real estate, retail and shopping centers, logistics or light industrial real estate, hotels and vacation properties or care properties. The largest companies are often active in several segments, while smaller companies often focus on individual areas.

List of Real Estate Investors in Belgium

Free Preview of the List of Benelux Investors, Continuous Updates and Extensions, Support by E-Mail

Good customer support is our top priority. It includes that we provide you with free preview files of our lists if you want to get a first impression of our products. That way you can follow the structure of the database and convince yourself that the data sets are up-to-date. A further service is that we provide continuous updates of our overviews. You will even receive updates and extensions free of charge in the first year after purchase. After that, we will gladly inform you about the completion of an update and offer it to you at a low price. Do you have a query about our list of the largest Benelux real estate investors? Feel free to contact us! Even if you have general questions or suggestions about our products, we would be happy to hear from you at contact[at]

Extensive Database Backed by Intensive Market Research and Deal Monitoring on the Benelux Real Estate Market

How do we get to the data in our list of the most important real estate investors in Benelux? The answer to this question is that we and our team conduct detailed market research and have a constant look at current deals. In this way we can find out who has bought which building and which co-investors may have been involved. Once we have found out the name of a relevant investor, we analyse their purchase profile and any other information we can find. We then summarize the research results for you in a clear and concise manner. It is also important to mention that all information is publicly available on the website or in the annual reports of the companies. So you don’t need to be afraid of data protection issues and can use our product with a clear conscience.

Basis of the List of the Largest Real Estate Investors in Benelux: Our Overview of all Real Estate Buyers in Europe

We offer lists of real estate investors from different countries in Europe. In addition to the real estate investors Benelux list, these include, for example, our overview of the 400 largest real estate buyers in Germany or the database of the most important Swiss real estate buyers. All regional lists are excerpts from our comprehensive database of the most relevant real estate investors in Europe. We have closely examined the European real estate market and are now able to map more than 750 investors. If you are interested in specific sections of our database, please do not hesitate to contact us. For example, a list of the largest buyers of logistics real estate in a specific region or a list of investors who are active throughout Europe would be conceivable. We look forward to receiving your message.

List of Real Estate Investors in Netherlands

List of Real Estate Investors in Benelux

To give you a better idea of our list, we briefly introduce three companies that are included in our address database of the largest Benelux real estate buyers. Our team deals intensively with the respective markets and analyses the most important players in detail before we prepare our lists. In this way we ensure that the most relevant companies are really included in our overviews and that you don’t acquire outdated data.

List of Real Estate Investors in Belgium

1. Ascencio SCA (Gosselies)

Founded in 2006, this Belgian real estate investor is headquartered in Gosselies, Belgium. Ascencio’s focus is on commercial properties in peri-urban areas, and the investor now has 106 such properties in its portfolio – together these have an estimated value of around 700 million euros. The geographical is in Belgium, France and Spain – recently (early 2020) Ascencio acquired 5 shopping centers in the southeast of France.

2. Whitewood (Antwerp)

In 2007 the foundations were laid for the current Belgian real estate investor Whitewood; in 2015 the joint venture with Dutch real estate investor AllFixed Property Management established a second pillar in the Netherlands. Whitewood invests in commercial real estate, residential real estate and also office real estate – together with DW Partners, Whitewood acquired a 174 million euro office portfolio from Propertize in 2016 – with offices in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Den Haage.

3. Leasinvest Real Estate Management SA (Antwerp)

Leasinvest Real Estate Management SA is a Belgian real estate investor based in Antwerp with a regional focus on Belgium, Switzerland, Louxemburg and Austria. More than 50% of its investments are made in Louxembourg, which makes Leasinvest Real Estate Management SA one of the most important real estate investors in Louxembourg. The SA is also diversified in terms of investor asset classes and invests in office properties as well as commercial properties and also logistics properties.

List of Real Estate Investors in the Netherlands

1. a.s.r. real estate (Utrecht)

a.s.r. real estate is a Dutch real estate investor belonging to one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands: a.s.r. The Utrecht-based real estate investor’s portfolio is diversified and includes not only residential properties but also retail, office, science park and rural properties – as a result, a.s.r. real estate has approximately 6.4 billion euros in assets under management. In mid-2020, the investor acquired 220 rental apartments of a residential building for the ASR Dutch Core Residential Fund, which is to be built on the former site of the Winston Churchill Tower in Rijswijk (South Holland) in 2022.

2. Amvest (Amsterdam)

Amvest was established as a joint venture back in 1997, formerly with a focus on managing rental housing. However, since 2005, Amvest has also been active as an investor, distinctly in the area of residential real estate. In the meantime, the real estate investor from the Netherlands manages around 21,000 homes, which are divided into four portfolios. The most important fund for the company is the Amvest Residential Core Fund (ARC Fund), which specializes in sustainable single-person homes in the mid-price segment in economically strong regions in the Netherlands. Recently, as of mid-2019, the investor, which is also a project developer, has completed 151 rental apartments in Arnhem.

3. Daelmans Vastgoed (Maastricht)

The Dutch real estate investor Daelmans Vastgoed, headquartered in Maastricht, was founded back in 1982 and is still family-run. Daelmans Vastgoed focuses geographically on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The company is interested in the residential properties, as well as retail- and office properties. In mid-2020, the real estate investor acquired a €91 million residential portfolio from Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance, which includes a total of 399 properties.

Picture source: Badstuber, Nepriakhina, Valamary

List of Real Estate Investors in Luxembourg


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