List of the 200 Largest Venture Capital Investors in Germany

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Research Germany - List of the 200 Largest Venture Capital Companies in Germany

Our Database of the 200 Largest Venture Capital Funds in Germany

We offer a unique database of the 200 largest German venture capitalists, available as a convenient Excel file for download. We thus offer a comprehensive picture of German VCs investing in start-ups. The list of the most important venture capital funds in Germany contains a variety of helpful data points. From the exact investment focus and exemplary investments to contact details and the names of managing directors. Our clients use the list for acquiring identifying suitable startup investors, new clients, market research and personnel recruitment. Thanks to regular updates, we always keep the address database up to date and add new venture capitalists.

The largest venture capital investors from Germany: Active in the German-speaking region, Europe and around the world

The venture capital scene has been dominated for years by American VCs in particular, who often lead large financing rounds. But also in Europe, more and more funds have emerged that accompany important Series A and Series B rounds. These include some of the largest venture capital companies from Germany, which are increasingly active beyond national borders. Outside the DACH region, the markets in France, UK and the USA are particularly exciting. But also in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, Portugal, Spain, Israel and other countries, start-up hubs are emerging, which are closely watched by German investors. With our list of the most important German VCs, you have the opportunity to have all the relevant equity investors in the startup scene at a glance.

Information included in the German VC List: Investment focus, contact details, investments

The data contained in the Excel list helps our clients to find the right German venture capital funds for their objectives. Thus, the listed VCs can be sorted according to their investment focus. One column lists as precisely as possible the areas in which investments are made. The VCs are active in almost all possible areas, from software to food and fintechs. For an even better picture of the VCs, exemplary investments are listed. To find out how long the venture capitalists have been on the market, a column with the year of foundation (if available) is provided. To contact the VCs, the list contains the postal address, e-mail, telephone and URL. The names of the managing directors are also included.

  • Name of the VC
  • Investment data (investment focus, excerpt of the top investments, year of foundation)
  • Highlighting corporate venture capital companies
  • Contact details (address, telephone, URL, e-mail address)
  • Names of managing directors
Research Germany - List of the 200 Largest Venture Capital Companies in Germany

Corporate venture capital funds are also included in the list

The Top 200 list includes not only regular VCs, but also corporate venture capital funds. These are the venture capital arms of the largest German companies. They invest in the business area of the parent company and try to give it new innovative power and sales growth. The motives for corporate VC investments are different: to build up cooperations with potential new competitors, to buy innovations or to recruit employees. The best example is Allianz X, the venture capital division of Allianz: the fund has already (as of April 2019) invested over 430 million in FinTechs and InsurTechs in top startups such as American Well, Auto1, N26 or Lemonade. This offers start-ups the opportunity to identify venture capital funds from Germany that score points not only with capital but also with strategically important access to German groups.

Free preview file, free updates, top support

With our all-round service we are there before the purchase, during the purchase and after the purchase. In order to get an idea of the data points and the structure of the list, we would be pleased to send you a free preview file of the list. Just let our top support know, which you can reach at any time. We are also happy to help you with individual inquiries. After purchasing the Venture Capital Database you will receive free updates and extensions within the next 12 months.

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Map of German Venture Capital Funds

Below, you will find a map of all German venture capital funds from our list. There is a strong focus on Germany’s startup hubs: Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. But also many German venture capital investors are located in and around Frankfurt.

Map of German Venture Capital Investors

List of German Venture Capital Investors

In order to get a better understanding of the entries in the list, some of the VCs are presented in detail, focusing on investment focus and exemplary investments.

1. ASTUTIA Ventures GmbH

ASTUTIA Ventures is an owner-managed venture capital company based in Munich, which has been in existence since 2006. The company provides young innovative start-ups with above-average growth prospects with capital to enable them to “really take off”. Market entry, growth and internationalisation strategies are financed. The goal is a temporary investment with a profitable exit after about three to five years. Beyond financing, ASTUTIA Ventures also supports its start-ups with know-how and expertise. The company sees itself as a mixture of venture capital company and business angel.

Benedict Rodenstock founded ASTUTIA Ventures more than ten years ago. The Rodenstock Family Office forms the financial background of the company. The investment focus is on digital start-ups with a transaction-oriented BtC business model, which are still in an early phase and have long-term sales prospects of up to EUR 100 million. The ASTUTIA Ventures investments themselves range from 100,000 to 500,000 Euros. There are currently ten investments, and just as many exits have already been realised – among others with now well-known online brands such as Mister Spex (glasses), Dreamlines (cruises) or Joblift (meta job search engine).

2. Atlantic Internet GmbH – Venture Capital for Digital Start-Ups

The Berlin-based venture capital company Atlantic Internet GmbH operates under the “Atlantic Labs” brand. Atlantic Labs was founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Christophe Maire, who had already gained many years of experience in the founding and development of digital and technology-driven start-ups. Atlantic Labs is involved in venture capital at an early stage of the company’s development and accompanies start-ups on their way to dynamic growth. The current focus is on e-health, mobility, industrial applications, “intelligent” machines, mobility and distributed networks. However, the company is also fundamentally open to new areas if these offer special opportunities.

Three examples illustrate the orientation of Atlantic Labs:

  • together with the Munich-based venture capital financier Earlybird, four million euros were made available for the Kreatize digital platform. Via the platform, medium-sized mechanical engineering companies can place orders for plastic and metal components;
  • Atlantic Labs took a stake in Styla, a content platform for the fully automated creation of websites and online magazines, in one of the first financing rounds;
  • Another commitment is the investment in Lano – a work management platform that aims to enable companies to work efficiently with external employees.

3. CHECK24 Ventures GmbH – More than just a Comparison Platform

As the company name suggests, CHECK24 Ventures is part of the CHECK24 Group, which is one of the best-known German comparison portals on the internet. The venture capital company specialises in early stage financing and wants to offer more than just the provision of capital. Founders can also make use of CHECK24’s infrastructure and experience in IT, organisation and management – an important aid in the start-up phase. of a start-up.

The start-ups financed by CHECK24 Ventures often operate in the fields covered by CHECK24. But this is not mandatory. Here are three examples of CHECK24 Ventures participations

  • Moebel24 is a comparison portal which was founded in 2015 and enables online comparisons of over 3.5 million pieces of furniture and furnishings;
  • Zizoo was founded in 2014 and is a platform for boat rentals. Via Zizoo, charter companies can easily “sell” their boats to the man or woman;
  • Teachers’ Marketplace is a virtual market created in 2016 where teachers can buy or sell teaching materials easily and inexpensively.

4. Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co. KG – Startup Investments Since 1997

Munich-based Earlybird VC Management has been around since 1997, making the company almost an “oldie” in the field of VC companies with a focus on digital start-ups. Not many competitors can boast more than twenty years of experience. Early stage and growth financing is the Earlybird business. They also provide strategic and operational support and accompany the young companies to the capital market. Earlybird is thus a fixed component of our database of the most important venture capital funds in Germany.

The investment volume is currently more than one billion euros. The minimum investment is 250,000 euros, the upper limit for a single investment is 10 million euros. Earlybird VC Management is thus one of the largest and most successful VC companies in Europe. The venture capital business is divided into three divisions, each of which is managed by a separate team:

  • Digital West: Early stage investments in technology start-ups. Regional focus: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Benelux, UK, France and Southern Europe;
  • Digital East: early-stage financing in the information and communication technology sectors. Regional focus: Eastern Europe and Turkey;
  • Health-Tech: early-stage and growth financing in the healthcare sector with a digital focus. Focus areas: Digital Health – digital health applications, innovative medical equipment, modern diagnostics, support for medical treatment.

Picture source: Dylan Gillis

Frequently asked questions about our list of the largest venture capital investors in Germany

The most important questions about our list of the largest companies Germany

Of course! You can either download the list of the 50 largest German companies for 4,99€ incl. VAT, or you can write us via e-mail to contact[at] or Live-Chat to get a free preview with 5 exemplary entries. Our support is looking forward to helping you.

The companies included in the list can be found through various sources: Internet research, public registers, analysis of relevant news, investigation of relevant transactions, our extensive personal network. Hundreds of hours of detailed, high-quality research flow into each of our lists. All data points that we can enter via publicly available sources are included in our lists.

Every data point for which there is publicly available information is filled out in our lists. However, if we do not have an e-mail address or we do not know whether a company is investing in a particular area, we fill this field with an “n.a.”. In most cases we achieve a data coverage of over 90%. If you want to know the exact coverage of the list – e.g. how many e-mail addresses are available – our team will be happy to help you.

Our lists are always delivered as handy Excel files. On request we can also send you the list as a CSV file.

After purchasing the list, you can immediately download the list as an Excel file when paying by credit card or PayPal. You will also receive a download link by e-mail. Future free updates will also be sent to you by e-mail.

We have noted the last update date in the product description at the top of the page. We update our lists regularly. Our customers receive free updates and additions to the list for at least 12 months.

Our lists include – if publicly available – address, telephone number, e-mail addresses and management names of the listed companies. For privacy reasons, we may only include information that is publicly available or provided by the companies. If no data points are available, there is an “n.a.” in the corresponding field.

Due to GDPR our lists do not include personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Our lists include publicly available contact data or contact data provided by the companies (e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, names of directors).

Our lists do not include any personal contact data that is specifically protected by the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our lists always include publicly accessible data points (official registers such as the Commercial Register or the Federal Gazette, Internet, company websites) or data provided voluntarily by companies.
In Germany, contact is regulated by §7 UWG. Thus, postal advertising in the B2B sector is generally permitted. Contacting by telephone is permitted if the business contact is presumably interested. This is often also assumed for e-mail contact, as long as the contact is made once and the contact is not included in newsletters without being asked.
Important note: We are not lawyers and cannot make legally binding statements. If you have any open questions, please feel free to contact us.

The companies included in the lists can be contacted in various ways – by telephone, postal letter, e-mail, networks such as LinkedIn, jointly attended trade fairs. In order to establish successful contacts, it is particularly important to work on individualized addresses tailored to the respective companies. Mass letters are rarely successful. Instead, our customers are most successful when they adapt to the companies included in our lists, obtain information and then address them in a customized manner. Another successful approach is to contact them via LinkedIn, for example, by selecting the right contact person from our list and then addressing them via a consistent starting point. Intros” that are mediated via shared contacts are also a good step towards establishing contact. Also possible: at trade fairs visited together, you can use the trade fair lists to search specifically for companies included in the lists and make appointments for meetings.
In general: the more effort is put into the individual approach, the more successful it is. Think about what suitable starting points are, how you can deliver added value and show the addressed companies that you put a lot of effort into the contact. Many of our customers have already built up valuable and successful business relationships.


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