List of the Largest Companies from Hamburg – Top 200 Companies Including Revenues

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  • Download the list of Hamburg’s largest companies as a handy Excel file
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The list is an excerpt from our list of the largest companies in Germany. All relevant companies from Hamburg are listed.

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Download the directory of Hamburg’s largest companies as a handy Excel file

With this list you can download a directory of the largest Hamburg companies as a handy Excel file. The list contains many data points to help you identify and address the most relevant companies. The information in the list ranges from sales (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and employee figures, to the respective industries including the field of activity, detailed general contact information and managing director names. The database can be easily purchased via our modern online store and is available for download as an Excel list directly after payment. Updates and updates of the list will be sent to you by e-mail free of charge within one year after purchase and a preview file of the list will also be provided free of charge. If you have any questions about the Hamburg database or our service in general, we are happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you.

This information is included in the list of the largest companies in Hamburg

  • General contact information (address, e-mail address, phone number, URL)
  • Names of the executives
  • Revenues for the years 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 (based on the respective annual or consolidated financial statements published in the Federal Gazette)
  • Number of employees (based on the last annual or consolidated financial statements published in the Federal Gazette)
  • Segmentation by industry and field of activity

Note: If the sales and employee figures are not included in a company’s own annual financial statements but in the consolidated financial statements of the parent company, the data from the respective consolidated financial statements are given.

The economy of Hamburg: Statistics and facts

The Hanseatic City of Hamburg is an economic powerhouse and has one of the world’s leading seaports. The proximity of the port has always offered favorable conditions for industrial settlements and trading companies. This is still reflected in the economic structure today. Hamburg has the highest gross domestic product per capita of all the federal states and, with an economic output of a good 123 billion euros (2019), is still ranked 9th in the country ranking.

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1665, has over 160,000 companies as members. Transport, traffic and logistics naturally play a major role. Many companies use the Elbe metropolis for handling, distribution and storage of their goods. Logistics and transport account for around 10 percent of Hamburg’s economic output. Some 290,000 jobs depend directly or indirectly on them. The Port of Hamburg is the number 3 in Europe (after Antwerp and Rotterdam), with cargo handling amounting to over 136 million tonnes in 2019.

Services account for around half of Hamburg’s economic output. After Munich and Cologne, the city is Germany’s third largest insurance location and an important banking center. The city has always been a media center. With Gruner + Jahr and the Bauer publishing group, two publishing heavyweights are present on the Elbe. Otto-Versand, today one of the largest mail order companies in Europe, is also almost a traditional Hamburg company.

But the Hanseatic city is also an important industrial center. In 2018, more than one seventh of economic output was accounted for by the manufacturing sector. With the Airbus plant in Finkenwerder, Hamburg is the world’s third largest location for aircraft construction. Well-known Hamburg industrial companies include Jungheinrich, Beiersdorf and Blohm & Voss.

Database with the top-selling Hamburg companies for lead generation and competitive analysis

Our satisfied customers include sales and business development managers as well as management consultants and strategists. Our list of Hamburg’s largest companies is an excerpt from our extensive database of the top 3,000 companies in Germany and provides a comprehensive overview of the Hamburg economy. You save yourself the trouble of doing your own research and can immediately begin with the actual tasks. Thanks to the in-depth information contained in the data set, you can filter out the appropriate companies for your project with just a few clicks, so that lead generation can start immediately. Thanks to the clear preparation in an Excel file, even management consultants can immediately work with the list to produce high-quality market and competitive analyses.

ResearchGermany as the first point of contact for high-quality industry lists and company databases in Germany

The innovative research portal has specialized in making industries easily accessible and transparent. To this end, our team analyzes markets in Germany to identify the most relevant players and enriches the databases with valuable information on the players. Via our modern online store, the resulting Excel lists can be purchased and downloaded immediately. It has never been so easy to obtain good market overviews. In addition to the existing lists in our online store, we are also happy to create individual databases for you. For this a short message with the requirements to contact[at] is sufficient and we will contact you as soon as possible with an offer. Databases from our online store cover all areas of the German economy, for example the largest logistics companies, the most important retail companies or the largest industrial companies.

Companies from the entire federal state: Map of the largest companies in Hamburg

Research germany list of the largest companies in hamburg

Frequently asked questions about our list of the largest companies in Hamburg

The most important questions about our list of the largest mechanical enigneering companies Germany

The companies included in the list can be found through various sources: Internet research, public registers, analysis of relevant news, investigation of relevant transactions, our extensive personal network. Hundreds of hours of detailed, high-quality research flow into each of our lists. All data points that we can enter via publicly available sources are included in our lists.

Every data point for which there is publicly available information is filled out in our lists. However, if we do not have an e-mail address or we do not know whether a company is investing in a particular area, we fill this field with an “n.a.”. In most cases we achieve a data coverage of over 90%. If you want to know the exact coverage of the list – e.g. how many e-mail addresses are available – our team will be happy to help you.

Our lists are always delivered as handy Excel files. On request we can also send you the list as a CSV file.

After purchasing the list, you can immediately download the list as an Excel file when paying by credit card or PayPal. You will also receive a download link by e-mail. Future free updates will also be sent to you by e-mail. If you pay in advance, you will receive the list after the amount has been credited to our account or you have sent us a bank transfer receipt.

We have noted the last update date in the product description at the top of the page. We update our lists regularly. Our customers receive free updates and additions to the list for at least 12 months.

Our lists contain – if publicly available – address, telephone number, e-mail addresses and management names of the listed companies. For privacy reasons, we may only include information that is publicly available or provided by the companies. If no data points are available, there is an “n.a.” in the corresponding field.

Due to the DSGVO our lists do not contain personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Our lists contain publicly available contact data or contact data provided by the companies (e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, names of directors).

Our lists do not contain any personal contact data that is specifically protected by the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Our lists always contain publicly accessible data points (official registers such as the Commercial Register or the Federal Gazette, Internet, company websites) or data provided voluntarily by companies and are therefore harmless.
In Germany, contact is regulated by §7 UWG. Thus, postal advertising in the B2B sector is generally permitted. Contacting by telephone is permitted if the business contact is presumably interested. This can also be accepted for e-mail contact, as long as the contact is made once and the contact is not included in newsletters without being asked.
Important note: We are not lawyers and cannot make legally binding statements. If you have any open questions, please feel free to contact us.

The companies included in the lists can be contacted in various ways – by telephone, postal letter, e-mail, networks such as LinkedIn, jointly attended trade fairs. In order to establish successful contacts, it is particularly important to work on individualized addresses tailored to the respective companies. Mass letters are rarely successful. Instead, our customers are most successful when they adapt to the companies included in our lists, obtain information and then address them in a customized manner. Another successful approach is to contact them via LinkedIn, for example, by selecting the right contact person from our list and then addressing them via a consistent starting point. Intros” that are mediated via shared contacts are also a good step towards establishing contact. Also possible: at trade fairs visited together, you can use the trade fair lists to search specifically for companies included in the lists and make appointments for meetings.
In general: the more effort is put into the individual approach, the more successful it is. Think about what suitable starting points are, how you can deliver added value and show the addressed companies that you put a lot of effort into the contact. Many of our customers have already built up valuable and successful business relationships.


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