List of the 2,000 largest Real Estate Developers in Germany [2023]

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  • List of the 2,000 largest real estate developers in Germany – available with 300, 800 and 2,000 entries
  • Ideally suited for lead generation in the German real estate industry and the sale of properties and land plots in Germany
  • Many data points included: development focus (residential, office, retail, etc.), ranking, regional focus, contact details, executives, etc.
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Real Estate Developers

List of 4 real estate developers in Germany

In the following, we present some relevant property developers in the German market by introducing their investment focus and some interesting projects.

1. 6B47 Real Estate Investors: Austrian real estate developer with subsidiaries in Germany

6B47 REAL ESTATE INVESTORS is an Austrian property developer with two subsidiaries in Germany and Poland. The company is based in Vienna. In Germany it has offices in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Munich, in Poland in Warsaw. In Austria, business takes place under the umbrella of two subsidiaries: 6B47 Austria GmbH & Co. KG, which is primarily active as a real estate developer, and 6B47 Wohnbauträger GmbH, that is specialised in the development of residential projects for the low-price segment.

6B47 REAL ESTATE INVESTORS was founded in 2009 as a conscious reaction to the financial crisis. The aim was to create a new, solid form of real estate investment with this company. The 6B47 business model is based on the acquisition of real estate and plots of land, their targeted development through construction, rededication and redevelopment as well as successful resale and marketing. The company is 75 percent committed to residential projects and attempts the rest to office properties and business hotels accounting. The investment volume per project is at least EUR 25 million, although the company works also with external investors (family offices, institutional investors, private investors).

The Alpha Tower in Graz is one of the successfully completed 6B47 projects. Therefore, a former student residence in high-rise form was converted into 77 apartments. A German flagship project is the Cascada skyscraper in Frankfurt’s Europaviertel with 191 apartments – successfully sold in 2016.

2. German Real Estate: Real estate development in Northern Germany

Arne Olofsson set up his own development company in Hamburg in 1992. The birth of GERMAN REAL ESTATE took place in 2006 with the arrival of partner Klaus G. Roelcke. Today a total of four subsidiaries are located under the umbrella of GERMAN REAL ESTATE AG. ABR German Real Estate Development GmbH is responsible for the actual property development business. ABR German Real Estate Portfolio GmbH manages the real estate standing portfolio.

The investment focus of GERMAN REAL ESTATE continues to be in the Hanseatic city. However, the company is also active in Berlin. Generally, residential, office and commercial properties are developed. Here are three examples:

– with the Zollhof Wentorf in Wentorf near Hamburg, a project for a mixed use (commercial and residential) was completed in 2018. The investment volume was EUR 28 million;
– in the Hamburg district Eppendorf, the former Karstadt building was converted into a new district centre in 2007/2008 throughout a property development. Investment volume: approx. EUR 36 million;
– in Berlin, a former factory building, the Kiefholz studios, was converted for a new use. Loft areas and studios were created as part of a newly established start-up centre. Investment volume: approx. EUR 11 million.

3. ACCUMULATA Real Estate: Munich-based property developer

ACCUMULATA Real Estate is a Munich-based property developer that was founded in 1982. Since then, numerous projects have been successfully executed in Munich and beyond. “Creating added value” – under this motto, ACCUMULATA develops properties with a new utilization concept from mostly existing building stock and generates added value. The company participates in the projects as (principal) investor, co-investor or development service provider. For properties in its own portfolio the company also takes over the management. The investment focus continues to be in Munich, but the company also invests in a number of other projects in and outside Germany.

An exemplary project is the prestigious office building TakeOff in a prominent location in Messestadt München-Riem. More than 12,500 square meters of office space were realized in 2013. Another fine example is the Neues Palais an der Oper in Munich. Through new construction and restoration, 23,000 square metres of space for offices, retail, gastronomy, practices and apartments were created with this project. In Munich-Neuperlach, ACCUMULATA already completed the modern Life shopping centre in 2009. The building, constructed according to the Feng Shui principle, offers shopping experiences on an area of approx. 8,000 square metres.

4. ACTIV Group: Real estate developer from Biberach

The Baden-Württemberg real estate developer ACTIV Group is based in the Swabian town of Schemmerhofen in the district of Biberach. The company pursues a diversified real estate strategy. It includes the development of retail properties, business parks, retail parks, residential and commercial buildings, senior citizens’ residences and healthcare properties, hotels and listed buildings.

The ACTIV Group has various locations in Germany, Switzerland and a branch in Barcelona.

Some examples of successfully executed ACTIV Group projects are:

– in Barcelona, the Nobel Hotel Vincci near the historic old town was holistically restored, extended and expanded with a successful mix of old and new – one of the most remarkable ACTIV projects;
– in Berlin-Spandau, a former production site was converted into a spacious business park. The park has an area of 46,000 square meters and a rental area of 34,000 square meters;
– in Biberach, ACTIV has thoroughly renovated and refurbished the half-timbered house “Untere Schranne” dating from 1549. The property, now used as a residential and commercial building, is considered one of the most beautiful half-timbered buildings in southern Germany;
– in Erding near Munich, a spacious retail park was built as a Greenfield project for buyers from the Isar metropolis.

Picture source: Adrian Degner

Real Estate Developers Germany

Our exclusive list of Germany’s most important real estate developers

Real Estate project developers manage and initiate real estate projects of various sizes. German real estate developers buy land plots as well as properties with development potential. Our overview of the top 300, top 800 or top 2,000 real estate project developers from Germany gives a good insight into this booming but opaque industry.

Database of the 2,000 largest property developers in Germany

Our list offers thousands of data points on the largest real estate project developers and provides information on, among other things, what asset classes are being developed (residential, office, retail, logistics, elderly care, hotels). It also includes a wide range of contact details (address, e-mail, telephone, management). Thus, the database is of great value for real estate investors in Germany, brokers, consultants, construction companies and many other players in the real estate industry.

The list can be sorted with a few clicks according to your individual criteria, e.g: “Show me all real estate project developers based in Baden-Württemberg who invest in office buildings / develop office buildings”. Within one year you will receive free updates of the list.

Map of German Real Estate Project Developers

Below, you will find a map of all the 2,000 project developers in our database. There is a heavy concentration of developers in the South and North-West of Germany. Furthermore, there are also many development firms in important German real estate markets like Hamburg and Berlin.

Map Real Estate Developers Germany

Detailed information: ranking, asset classes, contact details

Our list is the starting point for any in-depth research in the German real estate project development market. A ranking from “A” to “E” helps to identify the most important developers. “A” property developers are active in several German cities and in some cases internationally. Some of the developed projects have a volume >100M€. The e-project developers on the other hand are often only regionally active and focus on residential developments. Our real estate project developer list offers a cross-section of the entire industry: separate columns contain the development focus. This ranges from residential and office to hotels, retail and healthcare properties. Also useful are the contact details, which are included such as the names of the managing directors, e-mail, postal address and telephone.

Optimal list for property sales, lead generation, market research and land sales

With our unique comprehensive property developer database, we support customers from various industries. Real estate agents and property owners use the list to sell plots and properties. Real estate project developers are always interested in acquiring buildings with development potential and land plots. Development potential for such developers arises in various situations: dilapidation, additional buildable area, revaluation, need for renovation, etc. Plots of land are always relevant for new projects. In addition, our list is a helpful starting point for lead generation for brokers, suppliers of the construction industry, internet companies, advertising agencies and others.

Development focus of property developers in Germany: residential real estate

More than 800 of the top 1000 project developers are active in the residential property sector. Different types of buildings are developed for different occasions: condominiums for sale, residential complexes for global sale to institutional investors, memorial buildings, micro apartments, etc. In most cases the project developers are specialized in certain areas. This can be the purchase of apartment buildings with a need of renovation. These are then developed into high-quality condominiums and resold to private individuals. Other property developers purchase plots of land, demolish the remaining building stock and resell the newly created properties as a whole.

Development focus of project developers in Germany: Office properties

The second most common asset class for project developers is office properties. Here, too, there are different characteristics. Some real estate developers are building office skyscrapers in Frankfurt’s banking metropolis, while others are building office parks in rural areas. Buildings in other asset classes are also frequently purchased and then restructured and developed into office properties. The transaction types vary: sometimes properties are resold as part of a global sale, but in other cases they are simply held in the company’s standing portfolio.

Picture source: Vasili Apostolidis

Real Estate Developers Germany

Frequently asked questions about our list of the largest real estate developers in Germany

The most important questions about our list of the largest companies Germany

Of course! You can either download the list of the 50 largest German companies for 4,99€ incl. VAT, or you can write us via e-mail to contact[at] or Live-Chat to get a free preview with 5 exemplary entries. Our support is looking forward to helping you.

The companies included in the list can be found through various sources: Internet research, public registers, analysis of relevant news, investigation of relevant transactions, our extensive personal network. Hundreds of hours of detailed, high-quality research flow into each of our lists. All data points that we can enter via publicly available sources are included in our lists.

Every data point for which there is publicly available information is filled out in our lists. However, if we do not have an e-mail address or we do not know whether a company is investing in a particular area, we fill this field with an “n.a.”. In most cases we achieve a data coverage of over 90%. If you want to know the exact coverage of the list – e.g. how many e-mail addresses are available – our team will be happy to help you.

Our lists are always delivered as handy Excel files. On request we can also send you the list as a CSV file.

After purchasing the list, you can immediately download the list as an Excel file when paying by credit card or PayPal. You will also receive a download link by e-mail. Future free updates will also be sent to you by e-mail.

We have noted the last update date in the product description at the top of the page. We update our lists regularly. Our customers receive free updates and additions to the list for at least 12 months.

Our lists contain – if publicly available – address, telephone number, e-mail addresses and management names of the listed companies. For privacy reasons, we may only include information that is publicly available or provided by the companies. If no data points are available, there is an “n.a.” in the corresponding field.

Due to GDPR our lists do not contain personal e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Our lists contain publicly available contact data or contact data provided by the companies (e-mail address, telephone number, postal address, names of directors).

Our lists do not contain any personal contact data that is specifically protected by the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our lists always contain publicly accessible data points (official registers such as the Commercial Register or the Federal Gazette, Internet, company websites) or data provided voluntarily by companies.
In Germany, contact is regulated by §7 UWG. Thus, postal advertising in the B2B sector is generally permitted. Contacting by telephone is permitted if the business contact is presumably interested. This is often also assumed for e-mail contact, as long as the contact is made once and the contact is not included in newsletters without being asked.
Important note: We are not lawyers and cannot make legally binding statements. If you have any open questions, please feel free to contact us.

The companies included in the lists can be contacted in various ways – by telephone, postal letter, e-mail, networks such as LinkedIn, jointly attended trade fairs. In order to establish successful contacts, it is particularly important to work on individualized addresses tailored to the respective companies. Mass letters are rarely successful. Instead, our customers are most successful when they adapt to the companies included in our lists, obtain information and then address them in a customized manner. Another successful approach is to contact them via LinkedIn, for example, by selecting the right contact person from our list and then addressing them via a consistent starting point. Intros” that are mediated via shared contacts are also a good step towards establishing contact. Also possible: at trade fairs visited together, you can use the trade fair lists to search specifically for companies included in the lists and make appointments for meetings.
In general: the more effort is put into the individual approach, the more successful it is. Think about what suitable starting points are, how you can deliver added value and show the addressed companies that you put a lot of effort into the contact. Many of our customers have already built up valuable and successful business relationships.


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