Single Family Offices Europe – List of Largest Family Investment Groups


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Attracting Single Family Office Investors has never been so easy!

  • Exclusive list of more than 300 European Single Family Offices
  • Family Offices of UNHW individuals like Stefan Quandt or Bernard Arnault
  • Including: E-Mail, Address, Website, LinkedIn profiles of the leading investment managers and more
  • Download forever valid
  • Last update: May 20, 2018

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What is included in our Single Family Offices List?

  • General Information

    Name, Country, Affiliated Family

  • Investment Details

    Investment Focus (Private Equity, Real Estate, Financial Markets, etc.), Recent Investments

  • Contact Details

    Email, Phone, Website, LinkedIn Profile of CEO or leading Investment Managers

Where do the Single Family Offices come from?


  • Germany
  • UK
  • Switzerland
  • Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark)
  • Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)

Of course, we cannot guarantee every piece of information for every firm. So, in some cases some details may be missing due to the discrete nature of the family offices. Also, we cannot guarantee that we mention every possible European family office.

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