Top 50 Hedge Funds Worldwide List – Macro Strategy, Quantitative Trading, Activist, Long/Short


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  • Top 50 Hedge Funds Worldwide + Top 20 Research Activist Houses (For Free)
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  • Useful information like contact details, investment focus, strategy, assets under management and more
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  • Last update: April 14, 2018

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Our Exclusive Hedge Funds List Provides a Unique Quick Overview of the Industry

In order to create our exclusive overview of the largest hedge funds of the world, we took a deep dive into the hedge funds industry. We compared company filings, spoke to experts and read tons of news reports until we were able to select the world’s top 50 hedge funds. Chosen wisely, we included those funds with the most assets under management (AUM) and most renowned investment managers. Next to well-known hedge funds, we revealed secret funds as well. If you aim to get an valuable overview of the most important hedge funds of the world in order to track them or get in touch with them you are absolutely right here.

The Rise of Hedge Funds

Early 1930s: The First Hedge Fund-Like Activity

Karl Karsten describs many of the key principles of today’s hedge funds that are still valid in two published books. He founds a small fund and pursues an investment strategy in accordance with his “hedge principle“. It leads to buying stocks that are expected to rise and short-selling stocks that are expected to fall.

1949: Foundation of the First Hedge Fund

Alfred Winslow Jones creates a “hedged fund“: A.W. Jones & Co.

1955-1965: A.W. Jones & Co. With Returns of 670 Percent

For comparison: The next best fund’s returns account
for 350 percent.

1966: Fortune Uses The Term Hedge Fund For The First Time

An article about the success of A.W. Jones’ fund introduces it as a “hedge fund“.

1968: 140 Hedge Funds Operating In The US

Many new hedge funds emerge in this period, among others the popular Quantum Fund by George Soros (1969).

1973/1974: Oil Crisis And Following Recession

The rise of hedge funds stops and many high losses are registered due to the oil crisis and the following recession.

1980s: New Investment Opportunities Propel Growth of Hedge Funds

The abolition of capital controls in the 1970s and the deregulation and liberalization of financial systems in the 1980s in the UK and US enable new investment opportunities. These developments encourage other Western countries to follow the American and British initiative. New hedge funds emerge.

1996: 2,000 Operating Hedge Funds

With over $ 250 billion assets under management, the hedge fund industry exceeds the highpoint until then.

2002: Breakthrough of Hedge Funds

Hedge funds consistently generate positive returns while major stock markets decline. Because investors believe that they are not correlated to major stock markets, they tend to increasingly invest in hedge funds.

2007: 10,000 Operating Hedge Funds & Financial Crisis

Until 2007, the hedge fund industry exponentially grows by other $ 500 billion in less than two years.

2010: Compensation of Losses of Financial Crisis

The hedge fund industry manages to balance the losses and outflows due to the financial crisis.

2012: Record-Breaking AUM

The hedge fund industry reaches a new all-time high of $ 2,190 billion assets under management.

2017: $ 3.5 Trillion AUM

The hedge fund industry reaches $ 3.5 trillion assets under management.
(Source: Barclay Hedge)

Source: Fichtner, Jan (2013). “The Rise of Hedge Funds: A Story of Inequality”, pp. 4ff.  

Get Our List of Research Activist Firms For Free!

On top of our exclusive top 50 hedge funds list, we are also offering an overview of the world’s most important research activists. These firms are conducting investigative research of stock-listed firms. Before publishing devastating research reports, they are shorting the respective firms. Muddy Waters LLC is one famous example for research activists: their reports crashed the stock market courses of Ströer or Asanko Gold. Getting to know the most important activists and potentially tracking them is a true competitive advantage in financial markets.

All in all, our list offers a wide range of information:

  • Hedge Fund Name (e.g. Renaissance Technologies)
  • Name of Specific Fund (e.g. Medaillon Fund)
  • Assets of Specific Fund
  • Strategy of Specific Fund (e.g. Quantitative Trading)
  • Open / Closed?
  • Year of Fund Creation
  • Company Assets
  • Company Strategy (e.g. Quantitative Trading with focus on arbitrage strategies)
  • Founder
  • Founder Net Worth
  • Country
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website
  • LinkedIn Profile

Even though we’ve spent months of research, we cannot promise that there are no funds which are actually larger than the listed firms. Therefore, we promise free updates and extensions within one year.

Three Good Reasons For Buying Our Exclusive Hedge Funds List

  • You will save a lot of time spent on exhausting research. Our list offers detailed information about the most important hedge funds.
  • You can filter our hedge fund list according to your individually relevant criteria (e.g. “Show all funds with AUM > $10B and focus on quantitative trading)
  • We are happy to help you with any requests and to assist you with your individual research tasks.

In case of any questions, or if you want to receive a preview file, do not hesitate to contact us via email to contact [at] or via our live-chat. Certainly, we are happy to support you when establishing contact to German companies or to create custom-tailored lists on demand for you.

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