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Our Bestselling Lists

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"Germany's largest companies by revenue."

Including revenues, contact details, executive names, field of activity and more.
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"Europe's most important real estate investors."

Including investment focus, investment details, contact details, executives and more.
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"Germany's real estate project developers."

Including development focus, ranking, contact details, regional focus and more.
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"Germany's startup growth champions."

Including funding details, investors, revenues (if available), contact details, field of activity and more.

The team behind Researchgermany

Researchgermany is part of Isar Digital Ventures, a Munich-based company builder that creates high-quality research portals. Our team with 8 employees is mainly based in Germany. Researchgermany is led by Leo Semmelmann and Jan-Erik Flentje, the founders of Isar Digital Ventures.