List of 400 Largest Real Estate Investors in Germany

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  • Most comprehensive Excel list available on the German market with real estate investors active in Germany
  • Includes: asset volume, investment focus (asset classes and regional), link to the purchase profile, contact details, management, etc.
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Our real estate investors list is part of the comprehensive list of the largest real estate investors in Europe.

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Real Estate Investors Germany Data

Database of the largest German real estate investors

With our list of real estate investors we support Germany’s leading real estate agents, project developers, construction companies, consultancies and property owners. The list helps our clients to identify and approach real estate buyers, acquire new customers, sell products and services and analyse the German real estate market. The list, available as an Excel file, can be downloaded and used directly with just a few clicks. The overview of the most important real estate investors in Germany is much more than just an address database. Due to detailed information on the investment focus and purchase profile, you can start addressing them directly.

Directory of real estate investors from Germany, Europe and the rest of the world

Our list includes investors from a wide range of countries, including other European countries, the USA, Asia and the Middle East. The listed investors have one thing in common: they buy German real estate in a wide range of sizes and asset classes. Some Northern European investors buy investment properties in Berlin en masse, while others specialise in office buildings in B and C locations. With our unique list, we can help you to approach just about every national and international investor in Germany.

Detailed information on real estate investors in Germany: purchase profile, assets under management etc.

The investor database, which can be downloaded as an Excel file, contains a large number of data points, allowing you to sort the list according to your requirements. Thus, the most important information of the investor purchase profiles is located in different columns. We provide a subjective ranking from A to E, assets under management, detailed geographic focus, contact details, asset classes, CEOs and more. Due to the clear Excel design the data points can be sorted in a short time. An example request could look like this: show me all major investors (Ranking A and B) investing in Germany with focus on office and logistics properties.

Included columns in the list of Real Estate Investors in Germany

  • Company data (name, legal form, country of origin)
  • Contact details (address, URL, e-mail, telephone number, management)
  • Investment focus (asset classes, ranking from A to E, (global) investment volume / assets under management, detailed geographical focus)
  • Link to the acquisition profile of the companies and contact details of an acquisition manager (if indicated on the investors’ website)

Finding suitable real estate investors in Germany for property sales or lead generation

Our product is perfect for finding buyers for your properties or those of your clients. It differs from investor to investor from what property value the investor starts looking after investments. The biggest investors are looking for properties from 50M€ upwards, while smaller investors are already buying properties with a value from one million euros upwards. Furthermore, our list is very suitable for lead generation in the real estate industry. The largest investors are usually also active as asset managers and therefore responsible for the important decisions in property management. We support you in finding the right investor by providing a link to the purchase profile on the website, if it is provided in the investment strategy presented online. In addition, our database contains the name and e-mail address of a contact person for the purchase, if this person is mentioned on the website of the companies. You can thus avoid hours of research.

Real estate asset classes

All asset classes included: Residential properties, office properties, retail, logistics, light industrial, nursing homes, healthcare

Our German Real Estate Investors list contains investors with a focus on all possible asset classes and can be sorted by those. The most popular asset classes here are residential and office properties. Some investors here focus on the top 7 cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, while others deliberately concentrate on buying properties in B and C locations, where the selling factors are even lower and might lead to higher returns. There is also a high level of investment in asset classes such as retail. Here the focus is on food markets or large shopping centres. A relatively young asset class, but one that is rising due to e-commerce and globalisation, is logistics and light industrial. Many investors are also focusing on healthcare properties such as nursing homes or facilities for senior citizens.

Free preview file of real estate investors in Germany, regular updates, top customer support

At Researchgermany we do everything for the success of our customers. Our lists are designed to meet the needs of our customers and are constantly being improved based on requests for improvement and customer feedback. Our customer service is always available to answer questions from interested parties. We can be reached by phone, e-mail or live chat. If you would like a preview file, we would be delighted to send it to you.

Are you only interested in investors for specific asset classes?

Our list of the 400 largest real estate investors active in Germany contains investors with different focuses. Some only buy residential properties, some only office properties, others properties of all asset classes. If you are only interested in investors with a focus on a specific area just write us via live-chat or via contact [at]

If you are interested in a special cutout we are looking forward to your request via live chat, phone or mail. Examples of possible individual excerpts:

  • All real estate investors based in Southern Germany
  • All real estate investors with focus on residential, office and retail properties
  • All real estate investors based in Germany and focusing on healthcare and hotel properties
Largest real estate investors

Portrait of relevant real estate investors from Germany

Our research expertise goes far beyond the creation and maintenance of our databases. We deal intensively with the relevant markets and analyse the most important players in detail. To give you an impression of what kind of investors are included in the list, we present three listed companies with different sizes and with a different focus.

Deka Immobilien: office, retail, hotel, logistics, 36.3bn EUR  assets under management

In our internal ranking with an A rating and over 36.3bn EUR in assets under management, Deka is one of the largest domestic property investors. More than 500 properties worldwide are managed from the headquarter in Frankfurt. Last year, the transaction volume from the property arm of the Sparkassengruppe amounted to 4.5bn EUR. The company invests in properties from 30m EUR. Office properties, retail properties, hotels and logistics properties are purchased. It is also important to Deka that the properties are energy efficient and sustainable.

ADLER Real Estate AG: German real estate investor with focus on residential properties, 5bn EUR AuM

The listed Adler Real Estate AG from Berlin invests in residential real estate in eastern, northern and western Germany. Residential complexes with more than 200 residential units are purchased. Adler focuses on B-locations and properties with a positive cash flow. The sales factor should be a maximum of 11.5. In recent years, the Berlin-based real estate company has grown strongly. In 2014, the value of the managed properties was just over 1bn EUR. In the meantime it has risen to almost 5bn EUR. During the same period, the number of employees also grew from 102 to 828. In our internal ranking, we rate Adler with a B.

coreo AG: residential, retail and office properties, 40m EUR assets under management

A smaller investor, rated E by us, is coreo AG from Frankfurt. The quite young company is listed on the stock exchange and manages properties to date with a value of approx. 40m EUR. Interesting detail: with 40%, Christian Angermayer’s Single Family Office is the largest investor. Coreo invests in opportunistic office, retail and residential properties. The target yield should be above 6.5%, with office properties even above 7.5%. The investment volume goes up to 10m EUR per property. So far the portfolio includes a residential property in Bad Köstritz and an office property in Mannheim.

Statistics about our German real estate investors list

In order to get a better insight into our real estate investor database we provide some statistics for orientation: From which countries do the investors come that are active in Germany? In which cities are the most headquarters? And in which asset classes are investments made and how often? The following tables provide an overview.

German real estate Investors

Country of origin

ValueNumberShare in %


ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on residential properties

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on office properties

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus retail / shopping center

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on infrastructure / logistics

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus light industrial

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus hotels / tourism

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on nursing, health & social services

ValueNumberShare in %

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    The ResearchGermany team work is done diligently and with high quality. They respond very quickly to any of a personal requests, both via phone or e-mail.

  2. Lasse Rasmussen (verified owner)

    As Danish investment manager we are looking for a co-investor in Germany. We came across ResearchGermany and tried the list. Of course we already knew the big investors, but especially medium-sized and regionally active companies are very valuable to us. We can recommend the database without any restrictions.

  3. Julian Long (verified owner)

    I received very swift response to my initial enquiries about the products and since purchase have found the lists to be extremely useful. As we work extensively across Germany (and Europe) having detailed lists of companies that we can then target as possible clients is really important. ResearchGermany have been able to provide this detail and we are very happy to recommend them to others.

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