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About Us ResearchGermany

ResearchGermany: the leading provider for industry and company lists in Germany and Europe

ResearchGermany.com has been established in order to make intransparent markets in Europe accessible to a wide range of business professionals. Our team identifies the most important companies and investors from various industries, does research on relevant KPIs and compiles valuable insights. Like this we create high-quality databases that may be used for identifying potential partners, creating comprehensive market studies, generating leads etc. Customers can download our Excel-lists of relevant firms with just a few clicks. We founded our company in 2017 by launching the German research-platform Listenchampion.de. Our customer support is available via phone, email and live-chat. Our office is located in Munich, Germany and our customers are working for Europe’s leading industrial companies, investment and consulting firms.

Jan-Erik Flentje
Leo Semmelmann

Our founding team consists of Jan-Erik Flentje and Leo Semmelmann. We have worked for banks, industrial companies, startups and venture capital funds before starting our research group “Isar Digital Ventures GmbH”. We combine extensive knowledge in research, data science and crawler technologies in order to offer the best and most-useful databases for our customers.

Excellence in customer satisfaction is our core priority

We want our customers to have the best experience. Besides our top-notch quality lists with several useful data points, we offer a unique customer support experience. We want every customer to thrive by using our lists. You’ve got some open questions? We are more than happy to help. Drop us a line via e-mail or live-chat or simply call us.

Based on advanced crawling technology, combined with an experienced research team

We know at Research Germany that good company databases have to bring two things together: advanced crawling technologies with manual work of experienced market research professionals. We combine both. Our technology stack works with Python-based web crawlers. We read out thousands of company websites every year. But also every entry is manually added by our research professionals to our lists. Thereby we can ensure the highest possible quality in our list of the largest companies in Germany.