Top 900 Real Estate Investors Europe – List of the largest European real estate buyers

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  • Most comprehensive market overview of real estate investors active in Europe
  • Includes: asset volume, focus (residential, office, retail, logistics etc.), contact details, management, geographic focus etc.
  • Listing of investors actively acquiring properties in Germany, France, UK, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe etc.
  • Download valid at any time, free updates within one year
  • Last update: 29.12.2020

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Real Estate Investors Germany Data

Database of the largest European real estate investors

Our team observes and analyses the European real estate market to offer this unique product: a database of the top 750 real estate investors in the European market. Our overview is downloadable as an Excel file and helps our clients to sell properties and attract new customers. By purchasing this list you will get a unique and comprehensive list of the most important real estate buyers.

List of investors from Germany, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and the rest of the world

As part of the research for the list, we analyse all real estate transactions in Europe: who buys which properties in which asset classes? Where are these investors still active? Thus, our list contains mainly investors from Germany and neighbouring countries, but also, for example, real estate buyers from Asia, the Middle East or the USA. American investors, for example, are particularly active in Spain and the UK. Investors from Northern Europe often have their focus on the Scandinavian region. Interestingly, many South African investors specialise in the Eastern European market (Serbia, Poland, Croatia, etc.). The listed investors come from all over the world, but have one thing in common: they actively buy real estate in Europe.

Various data points are included in the list: Purchase profile, contact details, assets under management

Once you have downloaded our list as an Excel file, a treasure trove of data opens up to you, helping you to find the right buyers for your properties or suitable new customers in Europe. Basically, each entry contains the company name, the website URL and contact details such as the corresponding e-mail and postal address. The additional data helps to identify the right investors. Therefore, the asset classes in which investments are made are listed. Further columns help to define the exact geographical focus (which countries, which regions).

Columns included in the list of European real estate investors

  • Company data (name, legal form, country of origin)
  • Contact details (address, URL, e-mail, telephone number, management)
  • Investment focus (asset classes, ranking from A to E, investment volume / assets under management, detailed geographical focus)

Use the list to identify European property buyers, to acquire new customers and to analyse markets

Our customers use our lists for three major areas: finding suitable prospects, acquiring new customers and detailed market analysis and research. Through a lot of data points, we enable our clients to identify and approach the optimal potential buyers for properties throughout Europe. In addition, our list is ideally suited for identifying and approaching potential new customers: the listed companies are Europe’s largest real estate owners and therefore exciting “leads”. In addition, our list helps to identify the most important players in the respective markets and to conduct a sound market research.

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Where are the largest Real Estate Investors in Europe located?

Map Real Estate Investors Europe

Investments in various asset classes: From residential real estate to commercial real estate

The more than 750 real estate investors buy properties from all available asset classes. The most popular asset classes are residential and office properties. The properties purchased range from residential portfolios to individual apartment buildings and from skyscrapers to small office buildings in B locations. Another popular asset class is hotels (we also have our own product for this, see: Largest Hotel Investors Europe). Here again, the investment spectrum ranges from 5-star hotels in prime locations to small boutique hotels. Other up-coming asset classes in the focus of European investors are healthcare properties such as nursing homes and medical centres, logistics properties and light industrial properties.

Before you buy: Free preview file and top support. After the purchase: Free updates.

We want to offer our clients the best possible service. This starts with the first contact: if you have open questions you can contact us by phone, live chat or e-mail. We look forward to answering your questions and to helping you further. We are also more than happy to send you a free preview file. After you have purchased the list you will receive free updates and additions from us within one year.

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European Real Estate Investors

Statistics from our list of European real estate investors

To give you a better overview of the information contained in the list, we provide detailed statistics on various data points: where do the listed investors come from? Where are the headquarters? In which asset classes are investments made? The following tables provide an overview.

Country of origin

ValueNumberShare in %


ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on residential real estate

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on office properties

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on retail / shopping center

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on infrastructure / logistics

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on light industrial

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on hotels / touristic destinations

ValueNumberShare in %

Investment focus on nursing, health & social services

ValueNumberShare in %

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