3 Questions to Wayflyer: Revenue-based financing for eCommerce brands

3 Questions to Wayflyer: Revenue-based financing for eCommerce brands

In this new article series our Research Team introduces promising, young Startups based in Europe, which are already successful in the German market or will conquer it in near future. If you are interested in this series of articles, you can keep up to date on our LinkedIn Account.


In this article, we interviewed Wayflyer – a London based startup providing funding for e-commerce companies.

RG: Briefly describe: what is your company doing?

Wayflyer: Wayflyer helps eCommerce stores worldwide reach their growth potential by bridging the working capital gap and solving common marketing problems. We provide eligible eCommerce stores with affordable, non-dilutive, unsecured capital that allows the flexibility to secure advertising space and inventory. Our analytics platform analyzes marketing performance on a daily basis, providing eCommerce stores with world-class analytics and tangible, granular recommendations designed to improve performance. Not only are eCommerce founders provided with the working capital needed to stay in business, they are then equipped with the data-driven knowledge to spend that capital smarter.


RG: Where is the benefit for the customers; what’s your USP in comparison to competitors?

Wayflyer: At Wayflyer, we work to provide personalised customer service and customised analytics that help scaling eCommerce brands understand how to leverage capital for growth. We integrate complex sales and marketing systems and collect data that, while powerful, is often not taken full advantage of by bootstrapped founders. With that data, our team can show founders opportunities they’re missing and advise them on how to adjust to spend their capital smarter and achieve optimal growth.


RG: Is the German market relevant for you? If yes, how would you approach the German market?

Wayflyer: Germany is a highly relevant and important market for us and therefore, we want to make sure we craft a world-class entry strategy. We’re currently reviewing options to enter the market, including potential partnership opportunities.

3 Questions to Wayflyer Revenue-based financing for eCommerce brandsHeadquarter: London, England

Website: wayflyer.com

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