Intralogistics provider from Frankfurt starts production of lithium-ion batteries

Intralogistics provider from Frankfurt starts production of lithium-ion batteries

In everyday road traffic, electromobility still has a small share in this country. Off the road – in factory traffic and on logistics sites – the situation is different. Here, many vehicles have been running on batteries for a long time. Many batteries are manufactured abroad. This could now change, because a domestic production of lithium-ion batteries for electrically powered industrial trucks is now starting in Karlstein am Main near Aschaffenburg. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 largest logistics companies in Germany.

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Kion Battery Systems founded as a joint venture

The production is a joint venture in which the Frankfurt-based Kion Group AG, a leading German supplier of forklift trucks, warehouse technology and supply chain solutions, and the battery manufacturer BMZ Group hold equal shares. The joint venture is called Kion Battery Systems (KBS). Production will take place at BMZ’s headquarters in Karlstein – a sensible move, as the necessary infrastructure for battery production is available “on site” here. A separate production hall with an area of around 4,000 square meters is being built for the new production facility. In the future, more than 12,000 batteries per year will be produced here. The main customer is Kion.

The Kion Group, which is one of the largest companies in germany, was created in 2006 through the spin-off of the forklift truck division of the Linde Group. Kion is the world’s second largest supplier of forklift trucks and warehouse technology after Toyota Material Handling and the European market leader in this sector. The BMZ Group was founded in 1994 as part of a management buy-out from Saft GmbH, a German subsidiary of the French Saft S.A.. Saft is a major manufacturer of batteries and accumulators in France.
Source: Logistra Image source: Unsplash

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