List of 3 Hidden Champions in Lower Saxony

List of 3 Hidden Champions in Lower Saxony

With Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony has one of the world’s largest car companies and the largest employer in this country – a true global champion, but certainly not a “hidden” champion. Such “hidden” market leaders also exist in the state between the Elbe, Weser and Ems rivers – including these three: The presented companies belong to the largest companies in Lower Saxony.

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1. FOCKE & CO. (GmbH & Co. KG), Verden: 535 million euros turnover

FOCKE & CO. is a family business that was founded in Bremen in 1955. When the local facilities there became too small, the company headquarters were moved to nearby Verden. The company is engaged in the production of packaging machines. The focus is on packaging machines for the cigarette and tobacco industry. In this field FOCKE & Co. is leading. In addition, machines for the general packaging industry are manufactured, for example for the packaging of hygiene articles. Well-known FOCKE & Co customers are Kellogg’s and Pampers. FOCKE & Co. employs almost 2,000 people. Production takes place at sites in Berlin-Reinickendorf, Hamburg, Barßel (Northwest Lower Saxony) and Greensboro (North Carolina, USA).

2. DOYMA GmbH & Co, Oyten: no current sales available

In 1960 Hans-Ullrich Ihlenfeldt founded a trading company for sound insulation for heating systems in Bremen. Soon he began to develop and manufacture appropriate insulation solutions himself – the basis of the DOYMA business model. Today DOYMA is one of the leading suppliers of sealing and fire protection systems for building penetrations. The aim is to seal or seal off pipes and cables in buildings safely against water, fire and flue gas. In 1980 DOYMA moved from Bremen to the neighbouring town of Oyten for reasons of space. The company employs over 200 people and is family-owned.

3. Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH, Goslar: 97 million euros (group) turnover

A major fire at the Bahlsen plant in Hanover in 1978 provided the impetus for the founding of Stöbich Brandschutz. Initially, the company concentrated on fire protection systems for continuous conveyor systems and plants, which are typical for many industrial and logistics companies. Later, textile fire and smoke protection solutions were added, today the most important business area. In this field Stöbich Brandschutz is the world market leader. Stöbich Brandschutz GmbH employs more than 350 people and generates around half of the Stöbich Group’s turnover. Stöbich Holding GmbH & Co KG forms the group holding company. In addition to the shareholding in Stöbich Brandschutz, this company controls other Stöbich subsidiaries.

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