List of the 3 biggest service companies from Bern (Canton)

List of the 3 biggest service companies from Bern (Canton)

The service sector is one of the most important economic sectors for the Swiss economy – and this is also the case in the capital Bern. The following article presents 3 service companies that have their headquarters in Bern (Canton).

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Place 1: Galenica Ltd, Berne: CHF 3.8 billion sales

Galenica is a Swiss group that provides healthcare and logistics services, but also operates pharmacies (including pharmacy chains Amavita and Sunstore) and manufactures medicines. Galenica’s origins date back to 1927 when 16 pharmacists founded a purchasing cooperation in Montreux. Today, Galenica employs over 7,000 people and is a publicly traded company. The shares are in free float. Services are developed and marketed in the Healthcare and IT & Digital Services service units. Healthcare is concerned with healthcare and preventive services as well as offers for pharmacies, while IT & Digital Services is concerned with e-health services.

Place 2: Selecta Management AG, Kirchberg: 1.2 billion euros in sales

In 1950, Joseph Jeger of Switzerland learned about snack vending machines during a trip to the United States. Back in Switzerland, a business idea was born. Initially, the vending machines were imported from the USA, but in 1957 Jeger started manufacturing them himself under the name “Selecta”. Today, Selecta Management AG is an international company that operates 460,000 sales outlets in 16 countries. In addition to vending machine operation, Selecta offers services in the vending machine context – such as vending machine management, technical service, vending machine recycling and payment services. There is a close cooperation with Starbucks. Selecta employs over 9,000 people.

Position 3: T-Systems Schweiz AG, Zollikofen: approx. 300 million euros in revenue (T-Systems Alpine)

T-Systems is a major international ICT service provider and is part of the Deutsche Telekom Group. Switzerland and Austria together form T-Systems’ most important foreign market. The subsidiaries T-Systems Switzerland and T-Systems Austria were merged at the beginning of 2020 under the external identity “T-Systems Alpine”, but still form legally independent companies. In addition to its headquarters in Zollikofen, T-Systems Switzerland has further locations in Basel, Opflikon and Kreuzlingen. The company employs around 500 people. In Zollikofen, the company operates a TwinCore data center and offers corporate customers ICT solutions in the areas of connectivity, digital, cloud & infrastructure and security.

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