List of the 3 largest companies in Lausanne

List of the 3 largest companies in Lausanne

This article is based on the research process for our list of the largest companies in Switzerland. The list includes contact details, fields of activities, revenues (if publicly available) and many more valuable data points.

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Lausanne is the second major center of French-speaking Switzerland after Geneva. The city on Lake Geneva forms an important economic center of western Switzerland and is home to major companies from various industries:

1) Debiopharm International SA

Founded in 1979 by a French-Swiss biologist and pharmacist, Debiopharm has grown from small beginnings into a major international pharmaceutical company. The pharmaceutical business is characterized by two drugs: one for the treatment of colorectal cancer, the other against prostate cancer. In addition, Debiopharm also invests in corporate investments (through the Debiopharm Innovation Fund) and holds a residential real estate portfolio. The company is family-owned and employs around 450 people. Annual sales are in the region of CHF 25 billion.

2) Alpiq Holding SA

Alpiq Holding SA was formed in 2009 from the merger of Atel Holding AG (Aare-Tessin Ltd. for Electricity) and EOS S.A. (Energie Ouest Suisse). The company operates as an energy producer and supplier primarily in the cantons of Valais, Ticino and Grisons. Alpiq is also active in Italy, France, Spain, Hungary and Bulgaria. The company’s energy generation activities are based on hydropower, nuclear energy, conventional power generation using fossil fuels and renewable energies. Its main shareholders (one-third of the shares each) are EOS Holding and Schweizer Kraftwerksbeteiligungs-AG. In 2022, Alpiq generated about CHF 14.6 billion in revenue with more than 1,200 employees.

3) Vaudoise Assurances Holding SA

Vaudoise Assurances Holding SA acts as the umbrella for the insurance group of the same name in western Switzerland. Its history dates back to 1895. It started out as an accident insurance company, and today the group is active in various lines of insurance (life and non-life). Geographically, the focus is on French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland. Vaudoises Assurances has about half a million customers and employs nearly 1,800 people. Gross premiums written amounted to CHF 1.3 billion in 2022, including CHF 1 billion in non-life business. The majority shareholder (67.6 percent of the capital, 91.2 percent of the voting rights) is the cooperative Assurance Mutuelle Vaudoise.

Picture source: Nolan Krattinger via Unsplash (29.04.2023)

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