Residential property in St. Pölten to be bought by Cologne real estate investor

Residential property in St. Pölten to be bought by Cologne real estate investor

About 60 kilometres west of Vienna lies St. Pölten, the capital of the Austrian province of Lower Austria – with a good 55,000 inhabitants a small town in relation to the metropolis of Vienna and yet an economic centre of the region. The Cologne-based real estate investor Art-Invest has now acquired a modern residential property in this picturesque town. This article is based on the unique List of the 400 largest German real estate investors in Germany.

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Life on the river in the surroundings of the Traisen

The property “Q11 – Living by the River” is part of a more comprehensive development of the quarter under the name “Quartier Quadrant”. The building is located in the vicinity of the small river Traisen, a tributary of the Danube, which flows through St. Pölten. The property was completed in summer 2020. It offers space for 160 residential units and 830 square meters of office and retail space on a rental area of 10,400 square meters. The apartments are predominantly two- or three-room flats, ideal for singles, couples and small families. The building is located at the intersection of two streets and its shape fits perfectly into the terrain. With its L-shaped layout, it offers a protective inner courtyard with playground and recreation area. “Q11 – Leben am Fluss” is located close to the city centre, conveniently accessible and yet close to the “greenery”. The Traisen-Auen are within walking distance.

Art-Invest was founded in Cologne in 2010 and operates as an independent institutional investor and project developer in the real estate sector. Within this framework, Art-Investment sets up real estate funds for institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, foundations, pension funds or family offices. The seller of the St. Pölten property is the project developer NOE Immobilien Development. Art-Invest plans to maintain the portfolio over the long term.
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