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International Forwarding is the shipping and transport of goods across borders – a business served by internationally oriented freight forwarders. It has gained considerable importance in view of the globalization of goods flows. This article is based on the unique Top 300 Logistics Companies Germany – List of the largest logistics companies.

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Transport and shipping even across continents

Sea and air transport play a major role in the international freight business. Land transport is used for shipments where there are no seas to cross and the distances remain manageable. Typically, a combination of different means of transport is used according to the respective demand. The “forwarder” covers the entire delivery route from the shipping point to the shipping destination – even across continents. Often suitable partners are used and corresponding partner networks are maintained. Special and hazardous goods transports are also made possible. In addition to the actual transport, many forwarders offer value-added services. Part of the transport service is the administrative handling of the transport. This concerns in particular documentation, customs clearance, taxation and insurance.

Germany’s leading provider in this area is the DHL Global Forwarding division within the Deutsche Post Group. It emerged from the former Danzas. DHL Global Forwarding transports goods by rail, road, air and sea. Under the DHL Freight brand, it operates a ground-based freight network covering Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Another major global forwarder is the Deutsche Bahn subsidiary Schenker. It offers land transportation as well as ocean and air transportation worldwide as a freight forwarder. Schenker had about 76,000 employees in 2019. Air freight volumes reached just under 1.2 million tonnes, while sea freight volumes were worth around €2.3 billion.
Source: Listenchampion Image source: Barrett Ward via Unsplash

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