3 Questions to TRUECHART: Collaborative Business Intelligence

3 Questions to TRUECHART: Collaborative Business Intelligence

In this new article series our Research Team introduces promising, young Startups based in Europe, which are already successful in the German market or will conquer it in near future. If you are interested in this series of articles, you can keep up to date on our LinkedIn Account.


In this article, we interviewed TRUECHART: The startup provides Business Intelligence software solutions and therefore enables companies to improve their analytics. 

RG: Briefly describe: what is your company doing?

TRUECHART: We are Collaborative Business Intelligence. TRUECHART enables best-in-class data-driven collaboration, data visualization and platform independence for any-size BI-Business. TRUECHART provides top-of-the-line Business Intelligence software solutions fueled by the IBCSⓇ International Business Communication Standards. Our mission is to The TRUECHART suite of solutions will seamlessly plug-and-play with any existing BI tool on the market – from Qlik and Power BI to Excel.

RG: Where is the benefit for the customers; what is your USP in comparison to competitors?


We’re Data-Point-Specific – Where many BI solutions focus on extracting the right metrics at the right time, it is a process that segments data by business objectives and KPIs at best. We are the first to enable data-point-specific collaboration, which allows chats, in-line commenting, and annotations on any single piece of data right inside the BI-Dashboard. In other words, collaboration happens “inside” the data in real-time, right where and when it matters most.

We’re Scalable – With an international team of BI Consultants and Software Developers, we enable Business Collaboration “at scale” and can assist teams of 10 as well as 10,000 employees. With our plug-and-play API, businesses don’t even have to leave their existing BI tools behind – they can simply “power up” with TRUECHART solutions.

We’re Full-Cycle – TRUECHART solutions do not just focus on data analysis and visualization. We help revolutionize industries and solve data collaboration problems efficiently along the entire BI value chain. This is augmented by our elite Partner network across DACH to bring our clients and partners the best that BI has to offer, no matter what their specific BI needs are.

RG: Is the German market relevant for you? If yes, how would you approach the German market?

TRUECHART: Organizations across the DACH region rely on TRUECHART solutions to improve their teams’ Data Collaboration efforts. TRUECHART is currently making a push in Germany to enable many COVID19-affected businesses to accelerate their digital transformation, with the full force of our partner network at their disposal and our software solutions as the backbone of that transformation. We have already established valuable partnerships with other BI Consulting companies to help extend our reach in regions we were not present before. In 2021, we are looking to bring TRUECHART to as many new businesses as possible to make “data-driven” not just a buzzword but a culture staple for organizations across Germany.

Headquarter: Zurich, Switzerland

Website: truechart.com

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