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Industrial truck is a collective term for vehicles and equipment used for internal transport in logistics and warehousing. The forklift truck is a typical example, along with pallet trucks, tractors and many other applications – including smart solutions, as demonstrated by the industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 largest logistics companies in Germany.

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Intelligent eyes for forklifts and high lift trucks

Today, industrial trucks often already operate autonomously and without human assistance. The human forklift driver is not industrial history, but the trend is moving in this direction. Today, many forklift trucks and other warehouse vehicles drive autonomously, store goods independently or retrieve them from the warehouse. Linde Material Handling recently announced comprehensive updates to its automated industrial trucks – with the focus on the proven “Linde R-MATIC” reach truck and the new “Linde L-MATIC HD” high-lift truck.

The Linde R-MATIC stores pallets at lifting heights of more than eleven metres under software control. Using laser navigation, the vehicles steer independently through warehouses, receiving orders directly from the warehouse management system. An autocalibrating 3D camera using the latest technology is now to further optimize the precision of the vehicle. With the camera, the vehicle can “see through” the dimensions of pallets more easily and act accordingly. The innovative camera technology is also used in the new product Linde L-MATIC HD.

Linde Material Handling GmbH was spun off from the Linde Group in 2006 and, together with other former Linde companies and other acquisitions, belongs to Kion Group AG. The name “Linde” has remained. Kion is a large German supplier of forklift trucks, warehouse technology and related services and as such is the number 2 in Europe.
Source: Logistik heute Picture source: Hannes Egler via Unsplash

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