Hamburg real estate investor acquires retail property

Hamburg real estate investor acquires retail property

Retail real estate is still considered an interesting real estate investment. This is particularly true for properties that are suitable for food discounters or as specialist stores, as well as having a good location and transport connections. This is exactly the kind of property that Deutsche Investment in Baden-Württemberg recently purchased. This article is based on the unique List of the 400 largest German real estate investors in Germany.

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Purchase for special funds with food retail properties

The building is located in the Enzkreis, an administrative district in the northern Black Forest region, which surrounds the well-known city of Pforzheim. The property was already built in 2009 in the town of Neuenbürg in the Enzkreis district and houses an ALDI branch and the branch of a bakery chain as tenants. The rental space amounts to almost 2,000 square meters. The building is located in an industrial park on the outskirts of the city. The surrounding area includes a drugstore, a pharmacy and an office specialty store. There are sufficient parking spaces available.

Hamburger Deutsche Investment is an investment company focused on residential, office and local supply properties. It is affiliated with the EB Group, which has been in existence since 2000 and offers national and international investors a wide range of opportunities for real estate investments and also acts as a co-investor itself. Deutsche Investment’s range of services is aimed specifically at institutional investors. In the investment area of local supply, the focus is on specialist stores and retail parks with a focus on food retailing. Investments here take place under the umbrella of the subsidiary DIR Deutsche Investment Retail GmbH.

The acquisition of the ALDI market in Neuenbürg fits seamlessly into this investment strategy. The seller of the property is a private owner. Nothing is known about the purchase price. The purchase was made for the special fund Food Retail I of Deutsche Investment.
Source: Immobilien Zeitung Picture source: Unsplash

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