List of 3 market leaders in Saxony

List of 3 market leaders in Saxony

Historically, Saxony belongs to the German regions that were already strongly industrialized at an early stage. In terms of economic output per capita, the Free State is at the top of the new Länder after reunification. With Dresden, Halle-Leipzig and Chemnitz-Zwickau, Saxony has three important conurbations. This is also where the market leaders from Saxony are located: The presented companies belong to the largest companies in Saxony.

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1. VNG AG, Leipzig: €9.8 billion in sales

The abbreviation “VNG” stands for “Verbundnetz Gas” – an East German gas trading group whose predecessor in the GDR was the VVB Verbundwirtschaft with the VEB Verbundnetzen Ost, West and Mitte. This later became VEB Verbundnetz Gas. The Volkseigene Betrieb was the first large GDR company to be successfully privatized by the Treuhandanstalt. Today, VNG belongs to the EnBW Group. The latter holds just under 75 percent of the shares. VNG supplies natural gas to municipal utilities, regional suppliers and industrial companies. In addition to Germany, it has customers in Italy, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic. VNG employs around 1,300 people.

2. envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM), Chemnitz: 2.2 billion euros in sales

enviaM is a large eastern German energy supplier and energy service provider for electricity and gas. The company was founded in 2002 by merging several regional energy suppliers. Its predecessors were various energy combines in the GDR. enviaM supplies around 1.3 million customers in the new federal states with electricity, gas, heat and energy-related services. The majority owner is the energy group E.ON SE via two holding companies; approx. 650 East German cities and municipalities hold a share of 42.1 percent. The Group’s business is divided into three divisions: Energy, Infrastructure and Services. In each division there are subsidiaries for the individual service areas. enviaM employs over 600 people.

3. Agaplesion Mitteldeutschland gemeinnützige GmbH, Leipzig: 1.3 billion euros in revenue (Group revenue)

Agaplesion Mitteldeutschland is part of the Agaplesion Group, a non-profit public limited company sponsored by the Protestant Church, which operates hospitals and nursing homes for the elderly throughout Germany together with participating diaconal companies. The group employs over 20,000 people. Agaplesion Mitteldeutschland operates four hospitals and three nursing homes for the elderly in Saxony and three hospices in Saxony-Anhalt. The subsidiary MSG Management- und Servicegesellschaft für Soziale Einrichtungen acts as a service provider for health and care facilities, while the subsidiary coordinates the establishment and expansion of medical care centers.

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