List of the 3 largest beer breweries in Bavaria

Brewing beer has a long tradition in Bavaria. At the beginning of the 19th century there were about 30,000 independent breweries in the Bavarian kingdom. Today, there are still around 650 – more than every third German brewery has its headquarters in the Free State. We present the 3 largest ones here. This article is based on the unique List of the 300 largest food producers in Germany.

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Place 1: Paulaner Brauerei Gruppe GmbH & Co. KGaA, Munich: EUR 691 million sales (2018)

The “Paulaner” brand is associated above all with wheat beer. The traditional company also brews many other types of beer and also stands for the beer brands “Thurn- und Taxis” and “Hacker-Pschorr”. 24 February 1634 is considered the official founding date of the Paulaner Brewery. The name comes from the Paulaner monks who entered the beer business at that time. Today the Paulaner Brauerei Group is majority-owned (70%) by the Schörghuber Unternehmensgruppe (SUG). This company is otherwise active in the construction, real estate and hotel business. Heineken International B.V. holds 30 %.

Place 2: Oettinger Brauerei GmbH, Oettingen in Bavaria: 323 million euros turnover (2018)

The Oettinger Brauerei is on the one hand a traditional brewery, on the other hand an unconventional player on the beer market. The Kollmar family, the owners, trace their brewing history back to the year 1731, but there is evidence that brewing has been going on in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Oettingen since the 14th century. Oettinger is unconventional because the company focuses on direct sales and delivers its beers to supermarkets, beverage stores and gas stations without intermediaries. At the four locations in Oettingen in Bavaria, Braunschweig, Gotha and Mönchengladbach, the company employs a good 1,000 people.

Place 3: Kulmbacher Brauerei Aktien-Gesellschaft, Kulmbach: 233 million euros turnover (2019)

The Kulmbacher Brauerei has been in existence since 1846, as an AG since 1895, and today the Munich-based Paulaner Group holds a majority stake (63.8%) in the company. 25.8 % is held by the Kulmbacher food group Ireks, which also supplies raw materials for beer brewing. The Kulmbacher brewery has almost 1,000 employees and produces a wide variety of beer under the brands “Kulmbacher”, “Mönchshof”, “EKU” and “Kapuziner”. The group includes more than a dozen subsidiaries, including a mineral spring, various breweries, and various sales and logistics companies.
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