List of the 3 largest brick manufacturers in Germany

List of the 3 largest brick manufacturers in Germany

Building with bricks is thousands of years old. Today, bricks are mostly used as paving bricks, facing bricks, backing bricks and roof tiles. In Germany, around 80 companies are involved in brick production. They stand (in Germany) for around 8,500 employees and an annual turnover of approx. 1.5 billion euros. These are the 3 largest companies: This article is based on the unique List of the 250 largest construction suppliers in Germany.

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Place 1: Wienerberger GmbH, Hanover: EUR 3.5 billion (Group) revenues (2019)

Wienerberger in Hanover is the German subsidiary of Wienerberger AG, an Austrian building materials group that is also the largest producer of bricks in the world. The Wienerberger Group owns roughly 200 brick plants in 30 countries and has over 16,000 employees. The German subsidiary with approx. 1,500 employees has 17 production sites. The company originated from a brick factory founded in Vienna in 1819.

Place 2: CREATON GmbH, Wertingen: approx. 200 million Euro sales (no current sales available)

CREATON in Wertingen near Augsburg is one of the leading producers of burnt-clay roofing tiles in Germany. The company goes back to a brickyard founded in 1884 at the present company headquarters. CREATON owns 17 brickworks at 10 locations and has
a good 1,000 employees. The company belongs to the Belgian building materials group Etex Group S.A.. CREATON was listed on the stock exchange until 2017, in 2018 it was converted into a limited liability company.

Place 3: Erlus AG, Neufahrn: 110 million euros (2019)

The history of Erlus begins in 1842 as a brickyard in Ergoldsbach in Lower Bavaria. Today the company is located in neighbouring Neufahrn. The name “Erlus AG” has been used since 2004. Erlus is a leading German manufacturer of roof tiles, chimney systems and ventilation networks for detached houses and has over 500 employees. The company has 8 locations in Germany, 4 of which are brickworks.

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