List of the 3 largest IT companies from Bern (city)

List of the 3 largest IT companies from Bern (city)

Switzerland is also a country where the IT industry is growing steadily. Below we have compiled a list of 3 IT companies – All 3 companies are part of our list of the largest IT companies in Switzerland.

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Place 1: Swisscom AG: CHF 11.2 billion in revenue

Swisscom is one of the largest Swiss IT companies and also the number 1 telecommunications provider. The company was created in 1998 from the former P.T.T. and continues the telecom sector. Swisscom employs just under 19,000 people. A significant part of the IT activities takes place in the business unit “Swisscom IT, Network & Infrastructure”. Its core tasks are the operation and maintenance of Swisscom’s fixed network and mobile communications infrastructure. It also operates various IT platforms and provides services for other telecommunications providers. The unit employs 5,000 people. There are other IT services – including in the Business Customers area.

Place 2: Swiss Post AG: CHF 7.1 billion revenue

Alongside Swisscom, Swiss Post is the second major successor company to the former P.T.T.. With around 39,000 employees (full-time equivalents), it even surpasses its sister. The letter mail business, parcel and general cargo logistics, and financial services (PostFinance) form the main business areas of Swiss Post. Strategic Group companies exist for the core markets. IT solutions are mainly offered by the Swiss Post Solutions unit. The organizational umbrella is formed by SPS Holding AG. Swiss Post Solutions provides, among other things, digital document processing services as well as automation and outsourcing of complex business processes. The offering is aimed at companies.

Position 3: Fincons Group AG: CHF 177 million in sales

Fincons Group is an internationally active IT consulting company. Its main markets are Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, the UK and the USA. The activities in the non-Swiss markets are organized in individual country companies. The Swiss market accounts for a good third of sales. In addition to Bern (headquarters), Fincons Group has locations in Zurich and Lugano in Switzerland. Originally, Fincons was a software house. Over time, the business model has shifted toward international management consulting and support for clients in their technological and digital transformation. In Switzerland, the group employs 300 people.

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