List of the 3 largest logistics startups in Germany

List of the 3 largest logistics startups in Germany

Logistical processes are particularly well suited for digitization and online applications. This often allows efficiency improvements and cost savings to be realized. The 3 largest logistics startups in Germany are also focusing on this. As the largest logistics startups, we define the best-funded startups in each case according to our editorial selection. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 fastest growing startups in Germany.

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1. sennder GmbH: online forwarding

The Berlin-based startup sennder offers a digital logistics platform that connects commercial shippers and forwarders. Its declared goal: optimal use of loading capacities, maximum transport efficiency and thus more sustainability in transport. sennder sees itself as Germany’s and Europe’s leading digital freight forwarder. In its short history, the company has already made some remarkable leaps forward. In mid-2020, the merger with the French competitor Everoad took place, and in September 2020, the European freight business was taken over by Uber Freight. sennder has around 800 employees and is targeting over one billion euros in revenue by 2023.

2. Cargo One GmbH: Digital air freight booking

Cargo One is one of many growths of the Berlin startup scene and was founded in 2017 by three friends from this environment. The young company is focused on brokering air freight capacities and operates a digital booking platform under the same name for this purpose. Driving the digitalization of the air freight business is the declared goal of the three founders. The platform currently serves 347 air freight destinations worldwide with 15 airline partners for over 2,000 forwarders and intends to grow further. Lufthansa Cargo, among others, is an important investor and partner.

3. Seven Senders GmbH: Delivery platform

Seven Senders sees itself as a service provider for online retailers who want to impress their customers abroad with first-class shipping quality. This is not always easy, especially with shipments across borders, and is associated with hurdles. Seven Senders’ delivery platform with a virtual network of parcel delivery companies aims to overcome these hurdles. The company, founded in Berlin in 2015, is successfully proving this – with now over 100 employees, over 100 parcel delivery companies as cooperation partners and the possibility to deliver to destinations in 50 countries around the globe in a timely manner.
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