List of 3 retail real estate investors from UK

List of 3 retail real estate investors from UK

Measured by per capita income, the UK is among the TOP 10 in Europe. Retailers will therefore find plenty of buying potential here – a good prerequisite for real estate investors with a focus on UK retail properties.
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1. Maya Capital LLP

Maya Capital is a UK investment company founded in 2014 and based in London. It has focused on real estate and private equity investments. In real estate, the focus so far has been on office properties in the UK, but outside London. Last year, Maya Capital launched a new real estate fund that aims to invest specifically in retail properties. GBP 250 million is available for this purpose. In doing so, the firm is betting on the recovery of bricks-and-mortar retail after overcoming the Covid19 pandemic. The new fund expands Maya’s strategy, which has so far focused on office properties.

2. Supermarket Income REIT plc

A REIT is a tax-advantaged investment construct that invests almost exclusively in real estate. This is also true of the London-based Supermarket Income REIT, whose name already makes its investment focus clear. The REIT focuses on promising British supermarket locations. The REIT’s latest acquisition fits this strategy. Morrisons Store in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, was bought for £30m. Built in the 1980s, the supermarket was extended to 7,000 square metres in 2011 and is let on a long-term lease.

3. Mayfair Capital Investment Management Limited

Mayfair Capital Investment Management is a UK subsidiary of Swiss Life Asset Managers and is an investment company that launches property funds for institutional investors. The Property Income Trust for Charities (“PITCH”) is a dedicated investment vehicle for charities. Through PITCH, a supermarket in north London was acquired for £12.7 million in early 2021. Built in 2000, the property is located in an affluent residential area of Endfield. The store is let on a long-term lease to the M&S supermarket chain until 2045.
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