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Biotechnology and pharmaceutical production have a firm place in the Berlin economy. The German capital and its surrounding area is a leading location for biotechnology companies in Europe. The biotechnology industry is dominated by medium-sized companies and comprises approx. 200 companies. In addition, major pharmaceutical companies have their headquarters or branches in Berlin. 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers with around 3,700 employees – mostly highly qualified staff – are represented on the Spree. Here is an overview of the 3 largest pharmaceutical companies in Berlin. This article is based on the unique List of the 150 largest pharmaceutical companies in Germany.

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1. Bayer Pharma AG, 16.8 billion euros sales

Until 2016, Bayer Pharma AG was a subsidiary of Bayer Healthcare AG, a subgroup of the chemical giant Bayer. As part of a corporate restructuring that took place at that time, Bayer Healthcare was dissolved and the Group reorganized into three divisions: Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science. The former Bayer Pharma AG was assigned to the Pharmaceuticals Division. Bayer Pharmaceuticals continues the business of Bayer Pharma from Berlin. Bayer Pharmaceuticals has two major sites in the capital: a central administration and laboratory building and a pharmacology building, both in Berlin-Wedding.

Bayer Pharma was created in 2006 from the merger of the Bayer Pharmaceuticals division with Schering, which had been acquired by Bayer. Bayer Pharmaceuticals produces and markets pharmaceutical products worldwide with approximately 40,000 employees. Its pharmaceutical products cover a broad spectrum. They range from anti-infectives and products for cardiovascular diseases to cancer drugs and contraceptives. In 2018 Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals Division achieved sales of EUR 16,746 million, and in the first three quarters of 2019 sales totaled EUR 13,280 million.

2. Berlin-Chemie AG, 1.7 billion euros sales

Berlin-Chemie in Berlin-Adlershof looks back on a company history dating back to 1890. 1927 a merger with Schering took place. After the Second World War, Berlin-Chemie formed its own company in the GDR and was one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers there with well-known drugs that were sold throughout the entire Eastern Bloc. After the reunification of Germany, Berlin-Chemie was taken over by the Italian pharmaceutical group Menarini in the course of privatization in 1992. It is still its subsidiary today.

Drugs against chronic diseases are a focal point of production. Berlin-Chemie produces drugs for cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, antidiabetics, antirheumatic drugs and thyroid gland therapeutics, among other things. But also cough and cold remedies are part of the product range. The Menarini Group, based in Florence, is Italy’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturer and in 2018 achieved sales of 3.6 billion euros with around 17,000 employees worldwide. In 2018, Berlin-Chemie had slightly more than 5,400 employees and achieved a turnover of around 1.7 billion euros. Berlin-Chemie is a heavyweight within the Menarini Group.

3. Zoetis Deutschland GmbH

Zoetis Germany in Berlin is the German subsidiary of Zoetis Inc., a US manufacturer of veterinary medicines and vaccines. In this special pharmaceutical segment, Zoetis is the world market leader with a market share of around 20 percent. Until 2013, Zoetis was part of the US pharmaceutical group Pfizer. The company was spun off from the Pfizer Group in an IPO and is now independent.

Zoetis Germany is located near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and acts primarily as a sales company for the German market. In 2018, the company achieved sales of a good 122 million euros with 125 employees. Zoetis Inc. employs around 10,000 people worldwide and had a turnover of 5.825 billion US dollars in 2018. Zoetis offers a wide range of preparations for almost all common animal diseases in pets and farm animals. Farm animal pharmaceuticals account for two-thirds of sales.

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