List of the 3 largest startups in Baden-Württemberg

List of the 3 largest startups in Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg has always been the land of inventors and innovative business ideas. Unsurprisingly, you can also find many forward-looking digital startups here. Here are the TOP 3. As the largest startups in Baden-Württemberg, we define the best-funded startups from the state according to our editorial selection. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 fastest growing startups in Germany.

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1. Jedox AG: Business Intelligence Software

Jedox was founded in Freiburg back in 2002, making it almost a startup Methuselah. Today, around 200 employees work here. The company offers its corporate customers a cloud-based, so-called enterprise performance management software. It is also offered on a rental basis under the name jedox. The software was developed for planning, analysis, reporting and consolidation of corporate data. The system pulls the required data from operational pre-systems, prepares it and makes it available to defined users. The software can be used across industries and business areas.

2. Volocopter GmbH: Innovative helicopter concepts

Since 2007, Volocopter-GmbH in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe has been working on innovative helicopter and drone concepts. At its core, the company is concerned with ultra-light, electrically powered multicopters – aerial vehicles with a plurality of rotors on the same level – that can be used as autonomous air taxis. The goal is not only to produce the corresponding aircraft, but also to develop a holistic urban air mobility ecosystem on a digital basis. Volocopter thus aims to revolutionize mobility in urban areas. The company has around 150 employees.

3. Novaliq GmbH: Specialty pharma biotech company

Novaliq GmbH in Heidelberg is a research-based pharmaceutical company that specializes in a particular type of ophthalmic drugs. They are based on the EyeSol technology invented and patented by the company. This technology enables the production of water- and oil-free eye drops and ointments. This can significantly improve the product efficacy and safety of ophthalmic products. Novaliq was spun off from Fluoron GmbH, now based in Ulm, in 2007. This company develops innovative biomaterials for retinal and cataract surgery.
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