Logistics start-up from Berlin receives seed financing

Logistics start-up from Berlin receives seed financing

Forwarding – the organisation of the transport of goods and merchandise – is a classic business model that is nevertheless open to innovative solutions. Provided that they contribute to greater efficiency and safety or increase economic success. The logistics start-up Dizzbo from Berlin has dedicated itself to optimizing road transport. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 largest logistics companies in Germany.

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Greater transport efficiency by using empty capacities

Truck traffic forms the backbone of German freight traffic. Around three quarters of the transport performance on land is provided by road. There is still untapped potential. This is because many trucks could transport more cargo than they actually carry. According to estimates, the average capacity utilisation is just 70 percent, which means that 30 percent of the loading capacity remains unused.

Dizzbo wants to fill this “gap” with the help of an intelligent solution. To this end, a digital platform has been created on which carriers can report free loading capacities. These can then be booked directly by customers, with automatic matching with the location of the goods and the required transport route. Dizzbo receives a commission for using the platform, but the solution is often cheaper than hiring a freight forwarder separately.

Dizzbo was already founded in 2018, but the business only really took off this year – it grew from 150,000 euros turnover in January to over one million euros in November. Dizzbo has now raised seed capital of 1.5 million euros to further expand the business. The money comes from the Berlin company builder Big Picture and two business angels. Big Picture specializes in the development of business models with digital platforms.
Source: Business Insider Picture source: Unsplash

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