Medical technology company from Moers doubles production of corona rapid tests

Medical technology company from Moers doubles production of corona rapid tests

Testing, testing, testing – Corona rapid tests play a central role in pandemic control. The earlier an infection is detected, the better it can be counteracted. As long as there is no widespread vaccination, testing is an indispensable measure to stem the spread of the virus. The Moers-based medical technology company nal von minden produces them on a mass scale – now in double the number. This article is based on the unique List of the 100 largest medical technology companies in Germany.

  • Article based on database of the 100 most important medical technology companies in Germany
  • Detailed information on the field of activity (orthopaedics, surgical instruments, implants, laser, centrifuges, ventilation technology, diagnostics, etc.)
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Precise results without laboratory in minutes

The NADAL COVID-19 rapid test provides accurate results within minutes and costs only a fraction of the much more complex PCR tests. Exactly what is needed in the fight against a pandemic. nal van minden has already ramped up production to enormous quantities. In the last few months, 20 million tests p.m. have been produced. Since November, production has doubled to 40 million tests. And from January, production is to be doubled again to 80 million tests per month. The production capacities will be expanded accordingly in the short term.

The tests are intended for use by healthcare professionals only. They take swabs from the mouth or nasopharynx of the test persons and can detect an infection without laboratory examination. The tests are primarily passed on to healthcare professionals such as geriatric nurses or doctors. There is an acute need for testing in old people’s homes and nursing homes or in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, because there are a particularly large number of persons at risk or these places are the first to be visited by possible infected persons.

nal von minden develops and produces products in the field of drug analysis and medical diagnostics. These include in particular laboratory tests and rapid tests in the fields of bacteriology, infectious diseases, gynaecology, cardiology, toxicology and urology. In addition to Moers, the company has sites in Göttingen, Cologne, Regensburg, The Hague and Ticehurst (GB). The company sells its products worldwide.
Source: Neue Rhein Zeitung Picture source: Unsplash

Medical Technology Industry ReportIn our sector report of the German medical technology industry you will find detailed information on areas of activity, an overview of the locations and clusters of the logistics sector, key financial figures as well as insights into the gender distribution and sustainability efforts of the industry. In addition to in-vitro diagnostics, which is essential for testing for Covid-19 viruses, other areas of medical technology are also considered and analysed.

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