Potsdam venture capital investor invests in grandperspective

Potsdam venture capital investor invests in grandperspective

When it comes to digital start-ups, public reporting often focuses on B2C business models that focus on a large mass market. But there are also many innovative business ideas in the B2B sector. They are often aimed at numerically manageable target groups with very specific needs. This is exactly what the young Berlin-based company Grandperspective focuses on. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 most important venture capital investors in Germany.

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Money for new location in Schwedt

The two founders launched the start-up in 2018. Grandperspective develops early warning systems for gas leaks in refineries and relies on systematic satellite-based remote sensing systems. The early detection of gas leaks is an essential contribution to damage prevention and safety in the chemical industry. Grandperspective development offers real added value here.

Potsdam-based Brandenburg Kapital GmbH, together with several other investors, has now facilitated seven-figure early-stage financing to further develop the business model. The two founders intend to use this to build a new site on the site of the PCK refinery in Schwedt, Brandenburg, thus opening up “great prospects” in the truest sense of the word. Co-investors are High-Tech Gründerfonds, which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and KfW, the private innovation financier DiaMedCare and several business angels.

Brandenburg Kapital is a wholly owned subsidiary of the development bank ILB of the Land of Brandenburg. Since 1993, it has been providing venture capital to companies with headquarters or business operations in Brandenburg to develop business models to market maturity or to facilitate growth. Together with other investors, more than 750 million Euros have been used for this purpose to date. Financing is provided by a special early-stage and growth fund, which is currently endowed with approximately 100 million Euros.
Source: Deutsche Startups Picture source: Unsplash

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