List of the 1,500 largest companies Austria [2024 Update]

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List of the 5 largest companies in Austria

Although Austria is not one of the largest European countries in terms of area, it is a very attractive location for a number of companies. In this ranking, players that have a corporate headquarters in Austria – and are therefore also part of our list – but are not from there, such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, are left out. Many companies in Austria are also true global players in this way.

1. OMV AG, Vienna

OMV AG has its corporate headquarters in the futuristic high-rise “Hoch zwei” in the 2nd district. Austria’s largest industrial company is an oil, gas and petrochemical group of international standing. OMV was founded in 1956 as “Österreichische Mineralölverwaltung Aktiengesellschaft” (ÖMV). In 1995, as part of the internationalization strategy, the company was renamed OMV. OMV’s business comprises the three business units “Exploration & Production” (oil and gas production), “Refining & Marketing” (refinery and service station operations), “Chemicals & Materials” (supply of polyolefins via the subsidiary Borealis). In 2022, the Group generated sales of almost 63 billion euros and employed more than 22,000 people.

Update 2023: A multi-billion dollar merger between OMV and Abu Dhabi, specifically their companies Borealis and Borouge, is currently on the cards. According to experts, the valuation of Borealis is around USD 10 billion; including the Borouge stake, the combined company could be worth more than USD 30 billion. Borealis is 3/4 owned by OMV. Borouge is a JV of Adnoc and Borealis and was listed on the Abu Dhabi stock exchange last year.

2. Porsche Holding Gesellschaft m.b.H., Salzburg

A dynasty and it is impossible to imagine the Austrian corporate landscape without it: we are talking about Porsche Holding GmbH from Salzburg. The family-owned company has been operating since 1947 and is today the strongest automobile trading house in the whole of Europe. The company is still family-owned and is successfully managed from generation to generation. In 2022, sales were once again up on the previous year at just under EUR 26 billion, with almost 35,000 employees worldwide – including around 6,000 in Austria alone – responsible for this. As it is a sub-organization of the Volkswagen Group, it goes without saying that only brands of the parent company are sold, and financial services and IT system development are also offered. Today, Porsche Holding is active in several European countries and also globally in Colombia, Chile, China, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

Update 2024: The “Mooncity” project, which was launched in 2019, is now Austria’s largest inner-city fast-charging park and was recently developed into an e-mobility competence center.

3. SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels-AG, Salzburg

Hard to believe, but true: SPAR Austria is a 100% privately owned company in family hands. Most of the shares continue to be held by the same families that were involved in SPAR AG when it was founded. Little by little, the company has grown healthily and today represents an absolute flagship in the retail industry, operating in 7 countries across 3 business segments. In addition to the core area (food retail), sports retail and shopping centers are also important pillars of the organization. Sales could be increased again by more than 7% in 2021 to 2022 – from approx. EUR 17.4 billion to EUR 18.6 billion – so that the company is approaching its vision of a global retail group step by step. Around 91,000 employees, of which approx. 51,000 are in Austria, are trying to bring this vision to life.

4. STRABAG SE, Villach

The construction giant, headquartered at Triglavstr. 9 in Villach (Carinthia), is one of the main players in Austria, but also internationally. The Group sees itself as a technology company for construction services and, of course, covers all activities in the construction industry. Societas Europaea is the employer for more than 74,000 employees and this generated around EUR 17.7 billion in 2022, which is again more than 1.5 billion than the year before (sales in 2021: EUR 16. billion).

5. REWE International AG, Wiener Neudorf

In the retail sector there are many important companies in the domestic market. One of them is undoubtedly REWE International AG from Lower Austria. It operates more than 2,500 of its own supermarkets, and the company also owns the online stores of BIPA and BILLA, among others. Overall, the trading giant has a leading position in food trading and in the drugstore sector. The AG has over 45,000 employees – in Austria alone.

Picture source: Árpád Czapp via Unsplash (01.09.2023)

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The Austrian economy in focus

Austria has a significant economic power: The combined sales of the largest 500 companies alone exceed the EUR 500 billion mark (2021). The construction industry in particular is home to a number of heavyweights that are also highly relevant internationally. However, there are also numerous players in the mechanical engineering, logistics, trade or food sectors that are of global importance. This is also underpinned by a respectable gross domestic product per capita (GDP). In Austria, this amounted to approximately 45,000 euros in 2021 – which is higher than the GDP of Germany. Important centers that keep the economic engine running are first and foremost major cities such as Vienna, Salzburg or Graz. There are also regional beacons such as Fuschl am See (Red Bull). Thus, many important businesses can be found throughout the country. With our list of companies in Austria, we offer a unique insight into one of the most productive economies in the world.

Included information in our directory

  • Company name & legal form
  • Segmentation by sector & field of activity
  • General contact data (address, e-mail address, telephone number, URL)
  • Name of the management
  • Serial letter suitable for addressing the management (e.g. “Dear Dr. Müller”)
  • Sales figures for the years 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 (taken from the annual and consolidated financial statements or public directories)
  • Employee figures for the years 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 (taken from the annual and consolidated financial statements or public directories)

Note: If the sales and employee figures are not included in a company’s own financial statements but in the parent company’s consolidated financial statements, the data from the respective consolidated financial statements are provided.

Picture source: Anthony Hill via Unsplash (01.09.2023)

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The following industries are covered with the database

With our list of the largest companies in Austria, we cover all relevant industries in the country. In our online store you will find separate data sets for many of the industries listed below, all of which are included in the database offered here.

  • Construction: building construction, civil engineering, turnkey construction, road construction, tunnel construction, civil engineering, timber construction, etc.
  • Construction suppliers: concrete, cement, construction chemicals, doors & windows, locking systems, building automation, air-conditioning technology, heating technology, etc.
  • Chemicals: cleaning chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biochemicals, paints & coatings, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, adhesives & sealants, etc.
  • Services: Consulting services, cleaning services, engineering services, security services, catering, etc.
  • Electrical industry: building automation, control technology, regulation technology, transformers, power systems, telematics, etc.
  • Finance: Banks, insurances, investors, financial services
  • Trade: retail, wholesale, food trade, fashion trade, metal trade, raw materials trade, electronics trade, DIY stores, etc.
  • IT: software, hardware, IT consulting, IT distributor, IT services
  • Consumer goods: fashion, shoes, watches, household electronics, consumer goods, sporting goods etc.
  • Food: meat products, dairy products, beverages, breweries, bakeries, ready meals, cereals and vegetable products, etc.
  • Logistics: warehouse logistics, transport logistics, freight forwarding, project logistics, parcel logistics, food logistics, industrial logistics, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering: machine tools, packaging machines, industrial automation, cutting machines, energy systems, textile machines, etc.
  • Medical technology: diagnostic systems, implants, laboratory technology, laboratory equipment, surgical systems, orthopedics, etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals: pharmaceuticals, generics, herbal medicines, skin health, biotechnology etc.
  • etc.

Picture source: Quaritsch Photography via Unsplash (01.09.2023)


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