The Reimann-Dubbers Single Family Office Strengthens Its Position Through A Smart Move

Reimann-Dubbers Single Family Office Strategy

Owning companies in the chemical industry and the related cleaning agent manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser, the Reimanns have generated billions in assets. After the sale of company shares held by the Reimann-Dubbers in the 1990s, the family office “Reimann Investors” was established.

Investments of the Reimann Family Office

The Reimann Investor’s portfolio includes various start-ups and digital companies. Part of the portfolio is the Swedish FinTech Klarna, which recently made headlines by taking over the competitor BillPay for allegedly 70 million euros. Klarna itself now has a value of more than € 2.3 billion. Other well-known investments of the Reimanns are Keller Sports, Alphapet or the Deutsche Handelsbank. The exits of Vimeda and Sofort-Überweisung already succeeded.

Reimann opens up for co-investors

In March, manager magazine reported that the family office is looking for co-investors for a fund worth       € 40-50m. The co-investors may raise up to € 20m in capital and have to make a minimum contribution of € 250,000. The acceptance of third party investors has multiple advantages. Besides the additional capital, the family office can strengthen its position in the German investment market and can reduce its disctance to other large family offices, such as the Quandts. In addition, the firm is able to divide the fixed costs for its operation between more parties. The above mentioned successful exits further show that it can be successful strategy to trust the network and the expertise of the family investment vehicle.

Overview over the major family offices in Germany

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