Venture Capital Investor from Stuttgart – LBBW Venture Capital invests in Code Intelligence

Venture Capital Investor from Stuttgart - LBBW Venture Capital invests in Code Intelligence

A typical start-up from within the university is the Bonn start-up Code Intelligence. The idea for the company, which was officially launched on April 1, 2017, arose during the founders’ doctoral studies at the University of Bonn and was systematically prepared here. Logically, start-up aid at that time came from the EXIST funding program of the federal government. LBBW Venture Capital from Stuttgart is now also participating in the young company in another round of financing. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 most important venture capital investors Germany.

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Intelligent analysis of software vulnerabilities

Code Intelligence is building its business model in the field of computer security. It offers a solution for automated vulnerability analysis of machine codes. The software for routers and other devices in the area of “Internet of Things” is usually delivered as machine code. Nothing is known about its quality. Thanks to the Code Intelligence application, it is nevertheless possible to fully analyse the codes. In view of the possible damage caused by cyber attacks, vulnerability analysis is an important prerequisite for effective protection and prevention against hacker attacks.

Now, three investors have provided Code Intelligence with a further two million euros for the further development of its business model. The investor round is led by LBBW Venture Capital from Stuttgart. LBBW Venture Capital is a subsidiary of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and has been in existence since 1998, providing venture capital financing for technology-oriented companies – primarily in the fields of life sciences, industrial technologies and IT. LBBW Venture Capital typically invests up to EUR 2 million and acts both as lead investor and co-investor. Geographically, the focus is on southwestern Germany. The LBBW subsidiary is the lead investor in Code Intelligence. The two remaining investors are the Swiss investment company OCCIDENT Group AG and the platform Investiere from Verve Capital Partners AG – a Swiss platform for venture capital engagements.
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