3 Questions to Bodyswaps: New Age Soft Skill Training

3 Questions to BODYSWAP: New Age Soft Skill Training

In this new article series our Research Team introduces promising, young Startups based in Europe, which are already successful in the German market or will conquer it in near future. If you are interested in this series of articles, you can keep up to date on our LinkedIn Account.

In this article, we interviewd bodyswaps, a VR and AI systems based soft skill training provider with headquarters in London.

RG: Briefly describe: what is your company doing?

BODYSWAPS: BODYSWAPS is essentially a flight simulator for soft skills.

BODYSWAPS is an immersive learning platform that offers off-the-shelf training content to the corporate training and higher education markets. Our simulations leverage VR and AI to empower employees to learn and practice soft skills in interactive, realistic and psychologically safe scenarios. From interview skills, to diversity & inclusion and leadership training, BODYSWAPS partners with universities and global organisations such as Orange and SNCF to improve performance in the new world of work.

RG: Where is the benefit for the customers; whats your USP in comparison to competitors?

BODYSWAPS: BODYSWAPS is designed for organisations that really care about transforming their culture. We’ve worked extensively with behavioral scientists and learning designers to explore innovative ways to use immersive technologies to really transform behavior. That’s what makes BODYSWAPS unique: in our simulations, you get to be yourself, to observe, to make decisions, to have difficult conversations. But you also get the never-seen-before opportunity to step in other people’s shoes and see yourself from new perspectives.

Through the process, we also produce an unprecedented amount of behavioral data to give personalised feedback. That cycle of visceral self-reflection boosted by data is what truly gives learners the confidence to change the way they act in the real-world. For organisations it’s the most measurable, scalable and cost-efficient way to upskill their employees for the future of work.

RG: Is the German market relevant for you? If yes, how would you approach the German market?

BODYSWAPS: It’s absolutely relevant. We work with companies in France, Belgium and Switzerland so Germany would seem like the logical next step although at the moment we only have a few contacts there. I would simply invite anyone exploring immersive learning for soft skills to contact us and we’ll take it from there.

3 Questions to BODYSWAPS: New Age Soft Skill TrainingHeadquarter: London, United Kingdom

Website: Bodyswaps.co

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