3 Reasons For Our Automotive Suppliers List – Growth Rates, Margins & Co.

When someone googles the biggest automotive suppliers in Germany, they will quickly get a choice of the top ten companies. However, when someone wants to receive detailed information, they will quickly reach a dead end. We will show you why our database of Germany’s biggest automotive suppliers is a good choice.

No other list on the German market offers such a wide set of data points. Our list includes over 200 companies; on top of that, 15 different data points, ranging from sales and annual surpluses (2014, 2015) to categorization and contact data. In that sense, the list consists of altogether 3000 data points, which we can process furthermore.

Starting point for comparisons and analysis of automotive suppliers

With just a few clicks, you can sort and filter our list into different categories, to eventually make comparisons. An example for that is the following chart, in which sales and annual surpluses of the five biggest automotive suppliers in the range between the years 2014 and 2015 are depicted. Generally, 2015 seems to have been a good year: All companies could increase their sales and their annual surpluses.

revenue net earnings german automotive suppliers listEven more revealing are analysis of the growth rates and the clustering of various industries. There you can see almost all suppliers in the field of drive technology and compare them with the companies in the field of air-conditioning technology.

Also, you can use our list as a starting point for lead data banks of the automotive industry. The research of the contact data is of highest quality, and contains the most important information, such as address, telephone number and email address. We even mentioned the names of the respective managing directors.

Free updates and extensions

The free updates within one year of purchase are another advantage of our lists. We will simply send them to you per email. If you are interested in a preview file of our list, you can contact us anytime via our live-chat, telephone or mail to contact [at] researchgermany.com. We are looking forward to hearing about your inquiries.


Picture Source: Will Stewart, Creative Commons

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