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You might wonder: Who is Research Germany and what are they actually doing? Well: We are the world’s first Research-on-Demand platform. That means we are offering research material, purchasable as easy as on Amazon: just add the desired product from our shop to your cart and immediately get the list. No subscription, no hidden costs, just top-notch research. We cover a wide range of industries, from lists of largest investors (VCs, Family Offices, etc.) to traditional branches (automotive suppliers, chemical companies, etc.).

Whom is Research Germany for?

Of course, our lists are especially interesting for companies. You can rely on our research in different situations. When you are looking for an investor, our venture capital or family offices lists might be right. We offer reports for different countries, like the United States, Germany or other European countries. If you are looking for interesting companies in Germany, our industry lists will be a good choice. We also offer extensive knowledge about the European real estate market, covering real estate investors and developers. In case you are interested in a list that hasn’t been mentioned so far, feel free to get in touch with us via our live chat and we can discuss possible opportunities.

What kind of information do we include in our lists?

All our lists always contain two different types of information: branch-specific and contact details. Through the branch-specific information, you can filter and order our lists. To give an example: Our Venture Capital lists include amongst others details about the city/state of the VCs, Assets under Management, Investment Stage and Focus. So you could get all VCs based in California with Assets under Management > 100 Mio. $ and focused on Seed-Stage elements within seconds. Or with the help of our automotive supplier lists, you will get an overview of the largest OEMs focusing on brakes through just one click.

Which lists are we especially proud of?

Just to mention a few:

But, our main asset is our customer service. In case of any questions, we are looking forward to answering your request through our live-chat or via mail to contact [at]

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