Berlin-based medical technology company buys clinic operator

Berlin-based medical technology company buys clinic operator

Reproductive medicine is a promising but not uncontroversial field of medicine. It is about artificial reproduction and fertilization. For couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children, reproductive medicine is often the last hope. The German medical technology and health care group Fresenius is now strengthening its activities in this field – with the acquisition of the Eugin Group. This article is based on the unique List of the 100 largest medical technology companies in Germany.

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Reproductive Medicine in Europe, Latin America and the USA

Specifically, the investment falls under the responsibility of Fresenius-Helios – the hospital division of the group headquartered in Berlin. Fresenius-Helios is the operator of the Helios Kliniken Group and belongs to the medical technology company Fresenius – one of the largest companies in Germany. Fresenius-Helios owns more than 86 hospitals in Germany, 120 medical care centers and 10 prevention centers. Barcelona-based Eugin Group is a medical provider specializing in fertility, founded in 1999. The group was previously owned by NMC Health, an international healthcare group based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The Eugin Group consists of two main pillars in corporate form: Luarmia S.L. and Boston IVF.

Luarmia is mainly active in Europe and Latin America, Boston IVF in the United States. Together, the two companies employ around 1,300 people. Today, the Eugin Group includes 31 clinics and 34 other locations in a total of nine countries. Eugin was originally focused entirely on Spain. Through organic growth and the acquisition of Boston IVF in 2019, the group became an international group. Now, the Eugin Group forms a subgroup within Fresenius-Helios. With the acquisition, Fresenius-Helios becomes a leading provider in the field of reproductive medicine. The market value of the Eugin Group is estimated at around 430 million euros.
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