Medical technology company from Mannheim invests in sustainability

Medical technology company from Mannheim invests in sustainability

The Mannheim-based Röchling Group, one of Germany’s largest companies, has shifted its focus entirely to plastics processing. The Röchling Medical division manufactures plastic parts for medical technology companies and the pharmaceutical industry. Sustainability is also a key issue here. At the Neuhaus am Rennweg site in Thuringia, Röchling Medical is now investing 50 million euros in production with a special focus on sustainability. This article is based on the unique List of the 250 largest medical technology companies in Germany.

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Cold-heat cycle in new production facility

It is Röchling’s largest single investment to date. This will once again significantly upgrade the presence in Neuhaus. Already today, over 350 employees work here on more than 43,000 square meters of production and logistics space. Röchling is an important economic factor for the small town and southern Thuringia. For years, Röchling has invested in the development and expansion. As early as 2015, around 35 million euros were spent on the construction of an extension in Neuhaus, followed by the commissioning of the building in 2018.

In Neuhaus, plastic parts are manufactured using the injection blow molding, injection molding, injection stretch blow molding, and extrusion blow molding production processes. Now, another building with four levels will be built on 1,850 sqm. Completion is scheduled for 2023. Around 1,700 sqm of the building space will be reserved for cleanroom production, 500 sqm of which will be in the particularly demanding High Level Pharma GMP C standard. In addition to the pure building investment, there is also the corresponding equipment and machinery.

Sustainability plays a major role in the project. The Röchling site is already certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental standard. A cold storage system is planned for the new building, which is intended to ensure greater energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. The temperature of the water for the sprinkler system is systematically lowered at night in order to serve as cooling water in production during the day – a cold-heat cycle.
Source: Wirtschaftsspiegel Image source: Unsplash

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