Largest Agricultural Trading Company in Germany: BayWa AG

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BayWa AG in Munich is Germany’s largest agricultural trading company with a turnover of 17.1 billion euros (2019). The name BayWa has tradition. The company can look back on a history of almost 100 years. Today, BayWa is a conglomerate with a strong focus on agricultural trading. Trading in seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and feedstuff is the core business. BayWa is also a leading supplier of dessert fruit. The agricultural trade accounts for around 70 percent of revenues. Other segments are energy trading (fuels, combustibles and lubricants) and construction (building materials trading and construction services). BayWa employs around 18,000 people. This article is based on the unique List of the 400 largest German trading companies.

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Agricultural trade not only in Bavaria

BayWa was founded in 1923 as the trade organisation of the Bavarian Raiffeisen cooperatives. Until today there is a strong connection to the Bavarian Raiffeisen group. Through Bayerische Raiffeisen-Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft, it holds a stake of almost 35 percent in BayWa. For decades, BayWa’s business was concentrated in Bavaria. This changed with reunification. BayWa also established locations in Saxony, southern Thuringia and southern Brandenburg through a franchise system. From the mid-1990s onwards, the business was expanded towards Austria and, in 1999, led to a strategic alliance with RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria. In 2002, the Württembergische Warenzentrale WLZ Raiffeisen AG was taken over. Regardless of the locations, agricultural trade has long since taken place worldwide.

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