List of 3 European cloud & hosting providers that operate data centers in Europe

Database of the largest data center investors in Europe

Cloud & hosting providers are a large part of our data center investors list. Cloud and hosting providers are actively marketing their cloud space to potential clients. For a better understanding of the list we compiled a list of 3 cloud & hosting providers which we will present in the following. All three companies are part of our list of the 100 largest data center investors in Europe.

  • Includes dedicated data center companies, investment managers, cloud & hosting providers, telecommunications companies that actively invest, own, and manage data centers in Europe.
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1. Hetzner Online GmbH ( Gunzenhausen/Germany)

Hetzner is a German cloud & hosting provider founded in 1997. The companies headquarters are in Gunzenhausen in Germany. Hetzner is currently one of the largest data center operators in Europe. The company owns and operates three data centers in Europe, two in Germany and one in Finland, and also operates a data center in the United States. The firms services include web hosting, managed servers, dedicated root servers, and colocation services. 

2. ArubaCloud S.p.A. (Ponte San Pietro/Italy)

ArubaCloud is a cloud & hosting provider from Italy. The company is active in the European market and has a plethora of cloud services to offer. The firms credo is based on two principles. First infrastructure and data should be where the customer is based, and second that there should be a free approach to cloud computing. Aruba Cloud creates digital infrastructure for archivimg and sharing data, sets up disaster recovery plans, and develops SaaS solutions. The company owns and operates three data centers in Italy and one in the Czech republic while also engaging in active partnerships with companies in Frankfurt, Paris, London, and Warsaw.

3. Yandex. Cloud LLC ( Moscow/Russia)

Yandex is a cloud & hosting provider from Moscow. The firm is the most used Russian search engine for more than two decades and provides an abundance of different services. The company is active in multiple branches, Yandex provides scalable infrastructure, maschine learning and development tools as a way to strengthen digital services. 

Picture Source: Unsplash( Jordan Harrison, 12.12.21)

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