List of the 100 largest data center investors Europe [2023 Update]

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List of 3 large data center investors in Europe

For a better understanding of our list we have compiled a list of 3 data center investors that are active in Europe. Two of them are cloud & hosting providers while one is a dedicated data center company.

1. G-Core Labs (Contern/Luxembourg)

G-Core Labs is a cloud & hosting provider from the city of Contern in the state of Luxembourg. The company owns and operates 44 data centers around the world. The firm currently has over 140 CDN PoPs on all continents except Antarctica, over 800 cache servers, and over 5000 peering partners. Among their over 1000 customers are Bandai Namco, a large video game company, and TEDx, an American media organisation that hosts conferences. G-Core Labs products include CDN, a streaming platform, hosting, cloud, DDoS protection, storage, and DNS.

Update 2023: The renowned provider of high-performance, international cloud and edge solutions, recently announced the launch of its Zero-Trust 5G eSIM cloud platform. The goal is to provide a secure and reliable high-speed network solution to enterprises worldwide.

2. Global Switch (London/England)

Global Switch is a dedicated data center company from England. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in London. The company owns and manages thirteen data centers in prime locations in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Global Switch builds energy efficient large-scale data centers. The firm offers a multitude of solutions, for example flexible and scalable end-2-end service for their data centers

3. Google Data Centers (Mountain View/USA)

Google Data centers is a global cloud & hosting provider and a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. The company owns and manages multiple data centers in Europe. The company operates one data center in Finland, Denmark, Belgium, and Ireland, and operates two in the Netherlands. Google data centers is a front runner in energy efficiency and the company wants to become carbon-free by 2030. Google data centers are among the safest data centers and are located in Europe, the Americas, and South-East Asia.

Picture Source: Unsplash (Taylor Vick, 10.12.21; Dylan Carr, 10.12.21; Lars Kienle, 12.12.21)

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Insights into a fairly new asset class

The European data centre market is one of the fastest growing investment markets. The rapidly increasing number of cloud services and internet users makes it mandatory to create dedicated data centers. Our list covers the most important data center operators, owners and investors that are active in Europe.

What is a Data Center?

A data center is a building that hosts numerous servers that are used for the processing and storage of massive amounts of data. Data centers are needed to host websites or online services. Main players in the industry are American cloud providers like AWS or Google Cloud.

Why are they a special and distinctive form of property?

Data centers have some special properties. The servers have to be online 24/7 at 365 days per year. Consequently, the data center operator has to make sure that the power supply is never disconnected. Therefore, data centers have always additional diesel generators for the case of a blackout. Furthermore, data centers have extensive cooling, that also is responsible for half of the electricity consumption.

Where are the hotspots?

When launching a cloud server at one of the American market leaders, you will directly the most important cities for data centers in Europe: Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris. These cities host an extraordinarily high number of data centers and are well-connected by cables with American data centers. There is also an increasing amount of data centers in Scandinavia. This especially makes sense because of lower temperatures that reduce cooling power costs.

Types of Investors

There are different kind of owners, operators and investors in the European data center market. We will introduce them in the following.

Cloud & Hosting Companies

Cloud companies are mainly offering cloud and hosting services for their customers. Main players in the market are Amazon’s AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. A main European player is OVHCloud. These companies are requiring lots of datacenter to provide reliable and low-latency services for their customers.

Dedicated Data Center Operators

These companies were mostly the first ones to operate, develop and invest in data centers. Most large-scale data center operators are coming from the United States, like Digital Realty. However, dozens of regional data center investors are created every year.

Investment Managers

More and more traditional real estate companies and real estate investment managers are venturing into the data center market. Increasing revenues and a highly lucrative investment field lures more and more traditional investors. A good example is AXA Investment Managers, the investment arm of the French insurer.

Telcos & Others

Also, most telecommunications companies are slowly venturing into the data center market. Next to the largest European telcos like Telekom and Vodafone there are also foreign telcos like NTT or China Telecom venturing into the data center market.

The need for clean energy

More than 2% of the world’s greenhouse emissions are caused by data center power consumption. Therefore, most data center operators are also active players in the renewable energy market. For example, Microsoft is one of the most active acquirers of renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements in Europe. In 2019, the company signed a 15 year PPA for 90MW of wind energy from wind farm developer Eneco. The deal starts in 2022. Also, Facebook directly signs various PPAs for its data centers. These PPA are often offered by the largest renewable energy investors in Europe.

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Company headquarters of investors active in Europe

In our list of the largest data center investors in Europe most of the companies are either based in Europe or in the USA. For a better understanding of the list our research team has prepared maps of Europe and the US.

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Locations of European investors

On the map to the left each headquarter of a data center investor active in Europe has been marked with a dot. There are multiple data center investors in various countries and they often allocate close to each other in strategic areas. European data center investors are often located in London, Frankfurt, Milan, and Luxembourg.

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Locations of US-based investors

Most of the data center investors in our list are from the United States. Many of the data center investors are located in large cities like Los Angeles, New York, Austin, or Dallas. They are often situated near major internet hubs to minimise latency.

Interesting statistics compounded with our database

Our research team can use our unique list to create statistics that provide a deeper insight into our list. Below we have prepared sample statistics for you.

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Countries of origin

Most of the active data center investors are from the United States. This is no surprise as the US has a pioneering role in this field of activity. 31 firms in our list are from the United States. The USA is followed by the United Kingdom with 20 data center investors and Germany with 12 companies. Next to other European countries like Spain and the Netherlands many data center investors in our list are based in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Most data center investors active in Europe are based in London. There are 12 data center investors in London. London is followed by Frankfurt with four data center investors situated there. After Frankfurt there are multiple cities that have three Data center investors. Among them are Singapore, Los Angeles and Luxembourg.

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Investor types

The investors in our list are categorised into 5 categories. Data center company, cloud & hosting provider, telcos, investment manager, or other. Some companies are categorised as both a cloud & hosting investor and a data center company. Over 60 of the companies in our list are labeled as data center companies. Over 29 are cloud & hosting providers and over 20 are investment managers


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