List of the 3 Largest Food Trading Companies in Germany

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The food trade represents the interface between the food industry and the end consumer. In Germany, it is oligopolistic in character. Only a few large corporations or associations shape the food trade. These are the TOP 3: This article is based on the unique database of the 400 largest retail and wholesale companies in Germany.

  • Excel list of the 400 largest retail and wholesale companies in Germany
  • Includes: revenues (2015-2018), number of employees, contact details, executives
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  • Last update: 14.05.2020

Place 1: EDEKA ZENTRALE AG & Co. KG, Hamburg: 55.7 billion euros turnover (2019)

EDEKA stands for “Einkaufsgenossenschaft der Kolonialwarenhändler im Halleschen Torbezirk zu Berlin” and shows the origin of Germany’s largest grocery retailer. EDEKA is still organised as a cooperative – but with strong group structures. The Hamburg EDEKA ZENTRALE is the roof and the bracket of the group. The basis is formed by about 4,500 EDEKA merchants with about 6,000 EDEKA stores.

Place 2: REWE Deutscher Supermarkt AG & Co. KGaA, Cologne: 55.4 billion euros turnover (2019)

REWE in its current form has been around since 2006, but the beginnings of Germany’s second-largest food retailer can be traced back to 1927. REWE became number 2 primarily through acquisitions of various supermarket chains. These were brought together in 2006 with a new organisation and a uniform appearance under the “REWE” brand. Around 3,600 supermarkets belong to REWE.

Place 3: METRO AG, Düsseldorf: 27.1 billion euros turnover (2018/19)

The name “Metro” is old. But METRO AG has only existed since 2017, when the old Metro Group was split up. Following the sale of the Real supermarket chain, METRO AG mainly comprises the Metro Cash & Carry wholesale stores. The company operates globally with a focus on Europe, Russia, India and East Asia. In total, there are about 760 Metro stores, of which slightly more than 100 are in Germany.

Source: Listenchampion
Picture source: Unsplash

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