List of the 3 largest manufacturers of textile machinery in Switzerland

textil manufacturers from swizerland

The textile industry has always been an industry with great importance for mankind. While in the past clothes were mainly produced by hand, nowadays large textile machines are used in industrialized countries. In the following we present 3 textile machinery manufacturers in Switzerland. All 3 companies are part of our list of the largest machine builders in Switzerland.

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1. Stäubli International AG, Pfäffikon: 1.3 billion CHF turnover

The Stäubli story began in 1892 in Horgen on Lake Zurich as a repair workshop for textile machines. Today, Stäubli is a leading Swiss technology group in the fields of textile machinery (Textile), quick coupling systems (Connectors) and industrial robots (Robotics). Each area accounts for about one-third of the business. In textile machinery, Stäubli supplies Jacquard machines, dobbies and eccentric machines, carpet weaving systems and weaving preparation systems. The Group has subsidiaries in 29 countries (Europe, America, Asia) and employs around 5,500 people worldwide. The company is family-owned. The descendants of the company’s founder Hermann Stäubli exercise significant influence.

2. Schweiter Technologies AG, Horgen: CHF 1.2 billion in sales

Schweiter Technologies’ business has long been focused on textile machinery and composites. The company can trace its beginnings back to the middle of the 19th century. The company’s location in Horgen is no coincidence. The town developed into the center of the Swiss textile and textile machinery industry during this period. The textile machinery division, rich in tradition, existed until 2017, when it was sold to the Rieter Group. Schweiter textile machines served and still serve for yarn processing. Today, the company and its approximately 4,300 employees focus on composite materials (extruded and cast plastic and lightweight panels, aluminum composite panels).

3. Rieter Holding AG, Winterthur: 573 million CHF turnover

Rieter has been around since 1795, when it started out as a trader in exotic spices and cotton. Later, the company shifted its focus to textile manufacturing and textile machinery. Today the Rieter Group is active in the fields of Machines & Systems, After Sales and Components. The core business is machinery for fiber processing and fiber blending for yarn production. Rieter is considered a leader in systems for short staple fiber spinning. In mid-2017, Rieter additionally acquired the “SSM Textile Machinery” division from Schweiter Technologies. Rieter’s automotive supply and plastics division was spun off into the new company Autoneum in 2011.

Picture Source: Janko Ferlič via Unsplash

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