List of 3 major real estate investors in London

As a European metropolis and the capital of Great Britain, London is one of the most sought-after cities when it comes to real estate investments. Numerous real estate investors are looking for high-quality properties to complement their portfolios. Here are the TOP 3: This article is based on the unique Top 150 Real Estate Investors in the United Kingdom – List of the Largest Real Estate Investors in the UK. 

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Place 1: Orchard Street Investment Management LLP

Orchard Street Investment Management LLP is a London-based investment manager specialising in commercial real estate. The company was founded in 2004 and has been able to steadily expand its portfolio ever since. In total, the company manages assets of approximately £4 billion under discretionary management. As a result, the commercial property investment manager is now one of the leading of its kind. Orchard Street Investment Management LLP concentrates primarily on the British market, where it advises institutional clients on investments and actively manages commercial real estate. Most recently, the property investor and manager was able to rent out the last vacant space on the Nimbus Park industrial estate in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Thus, the warehouse building with a total area of 54,000 sqm, which Orchard Street acquired in 2018, is fully rented.

Place 2: Kennedy Wilson

Kennedy Wilson is one of the leading global real estate investors from the USA, with an office in London. Since 2011, the company has also been successfully active in Europe and has meanwhile carried out transactions worth more than 10 billion dollars. And Kennedy’s portfolio is growing steadily: the real estate investor already has 146 properties to its name. The company concentrates primarily on multi-family houses and office properties. In addition to the western USA, the regional focus is on Great Britain and Ireland. Most recently, Kennedy Wilson was able to acquire One Embassy Gardens, a first-class office building, for 252 million dollars and thus expand its portfolio. The building has a total area of 156,000 square metres and is located in the London district of Nine Elms. A special feature of the recently constructed building is its minimal water and energy consumption, for which it also received BREEAM certification.

Place 3: Great Portland Estates plc

Great Portland Estates plc is a London-based property investment and development company with a focus on central London. Its focus was set in the early 2000s and is still the strategy of the property investor today. The company already owns £2.5 billion worth of properties in the centre of London. The aim of Great Portland Estates plc is to create value by unlocking the hidden potential of commercial property in central London. In doing so, the company’s local focus offers numerous advantages. The property investor knows central London better than almost anyone else and is therefore in an excellent position to assess activity and changing conditions and to identify and exploit opportunities. Also, through the close relationship with tenants, suppliers and joint venture partners, the company establishes a direct connection to the properties and the neighbourhood, which they themselves also see as crucial to their success.

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