Munich-based WENVEST Capital is lead investor in CRUX

Munich-based WENVEST Capital is lead investor in CRUX

The digital revolution has radically expanded and accelerated our ability to access information and knowledge. The resulting advantages explain the triumphal march of the Internet. But as with any positive development, there are also downsides. One negative aspect of the brave new world of information is information overload. In view of the enormous flood of information, it is becoming more and more difficult and costly to keep an overview, to separate the relevant from the irrelevant and to concentrate on the essential. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 most important venture capital investors in Germany.

  • Article based on the database of the 200 most important Venture Capital Fonds in Germany
  • Useful information such as investment focus, selection of top investments, year of foundation, etc.
  • Including contact data: E-mail address, address, URL, telephone number, management, etc.
  • Direct download as Excel file via the online store possible
  • Free preview file available on request
  • database is perfectly suited for identifying venture capital funds

An intelligent solution for efficient knowledge acquisition

The British-Israeli start-up CRUX, founded in 2018, wants to master this crux with a digital solution for knowledge qualification. It wants to systematically support users in acquiring knowledge through information and thus make tedious “googling” for further required information superfluous. Knowledge acquisition becomes much more efficient. CRUX’s approach is to use intelligent algorithms to calculate the information content of used digital sources while they are still being read in order to automatically provide suitable supplementary information sources to complete the knowledge. This is done via widgets or APIs. The Crux solution is a typical external SaaS offering. SaaS stands for Software as a Service. The target group is primarily companies with knowledge-based business models such as digital media providers, consulting firms and financial service providers.

The start-up company has now secured EUR 1.1 million in a Series A financing round to further develop its business model. The round is led by the Munich-based VC company WENVEST Capital. WENVEST specializes in investments in digital start-ups with SaaS solutions. Geographically, the focus is on Germany, and in the wider area also on Europe. WENVEST Capital founder Bernd Wendeln brings with him around 20 years of VC expertise. Typical WENVEST Capital engagements target Series A financings in the range of half a million to one million Euros.
Source: EU-Startups Picture source: Unsplash

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