List of the 100 largest electrical industry companies Switzerland [2023]

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Features of ResearchgermanyContains the 100 largest electrical industry companies in Switzerland from numerous segments such as connectors and sensors, access and security technology, electrohydraulics, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electronic components etc.

Excellent level of detail: industry and area of activity, sales (2021 – 2015) if publicly available, number of employees (2021 – 2018) if publicly available, general contact details, names of management, etc.

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This list is part of our list of the 1,500 largest Swiss firms.

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Electronics Switzerland

List of the 3 largest companies of the electrical industry in Switzerland

In the following, we present three particularly relevant companies from our list. This will give you a first impression of the companies included and give you a feel for the industry.

1. ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd, Zurich: 26.1 bn CHF revenue (2020)

ABB is one of the largest technology groups in the world. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and is particularly active in the electrical and mechanical engineering industries. Especially in the field of automation technology, ABB has been able to establish a leading position in the industry over the past decades. In addition to the automation and optimization of industrial processes, the group is also involved in electrification and power grids.

2. TE Connectivity Ltd, Schaffhausen: 12.0 bn CHF revenue (2020)

In the field of connectivity and sensor products, TE has been a leader in the global market for many decades. TE Connectivity is headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and has annual sales of CHF 12 billion. In addition to telecommunications in particular, TE is an essential supplier and partner to many companies.

3. dormakaba Schweiz AG, Wetzikon: 2.5 bn CHF revenue (2020)

As one of the most important building suppliers in Switzerland, dormakaba is active in the field of locking systems, access control and door closers. Based in the canton of Zurich, the company generates CHF 2.5 billion per year and is active in more than 50 countries around the world. Brands such as Kaba, DORMA, Silca, Ilco, Saflok, La Gard or Legic belong to dormakaba.

Picture source: Zan via Unsplash (08.04.2022)

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Our database immediately available to download as Excel list

Our list of the largest companies in the electrical industry in Switzerland is ideally suited for anyone looking for a comprehensive market overview of the Swiss electrical industry. The data set contains all relevant companies in the country and is ideally suited for acquiring new partners and customers. In addition to general contact details, the list also includes segmentation by field of activity (control technology, electrical components, building technology, lighting technology, cables, measurement technology, electrohydraulics, etc.) and details of turnover and employee numbers, where these are publicly available. The list is available for uncomplicated purchase via our online store. Directly after payment, you will receive a download link to the Excel file, so you can start working immediately. Lead generation has never been easier. We are pleased to be able to support you with our data and are of course always available to answer any questions you may have about the product.

Information included in our directory

  • Company name, legal form and parental company (if there are unified consolidated financial statements).
  • General contact details (address incl. major region and canton, e-mail address, telephone number, URL, names of management)
  • Segmentation by industry and field of activity
  • If publicly available via annual report or similar: sales figures for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015, as well as number of employees for the last three years


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